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This video is about the U.S.S. Enterprise-J (NCC-1701-J) In one possible future timeline, the U.S.S Enterprise (NCC-1701-J) was a Federation starship of an unknown class in operation some time during the 26th century. The Enterprise-J participated in the Battle of Procyon V, against the Sphere Builders. Only a corridor of the ship is seen in ENT: "Azati Prime", however on the 2005 Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar, an image of the ship is seen. If anyone has an idea about a scene you like, just ask me, and I will try to make a video about it!

Disclaimer: All the things featured in this video belong to their respective owners. This is for entertaining purposes only.

--Extra Credits-- - MRJOHN for making the Enterprise-J - The New Gen Team for making the Scimitar

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