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I can be a pain in your neck

Don’t make me hurt you
One pinch and it’s ouch ouch to your neck
Shall I demonstrate?
Oops too late
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The Orville - Tuvok

Has anyone watched the latest episode of The Orville, Tuvok was in the episode as an historian. They open a time capsule for 2015, very good episode.
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I love all trek, just to varying degrees.
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My Poem For any Hurting Souls

You take the conn,
The Starships battle on,
I hear a scream and you fall,
I run over towards that hall,
I feel stupid to leave you alone,
Sorry I should have known,
Soon you eyes start to fade,
I knew that I needed to, so I stayed,
Your hands are turning blue,
You say your gonna miss me,
I say your life is not gonna flee,
Soon you time has passed away,
I sit there at your side,
The ship and atmosphere start to collide,
Captain has no time to steer,
I force myself to leave you with fear,
Escaping the falling ship, I soon make it,
Dead, inside, injured i stand,
looking for you i have no luck,
Soon I feel stuck,
Once I am rescued,
Into the stars I sadly peer,
But also happy you made it to the final frontier.
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'What's The Funny Guy Doin' wit' His Hands...?'

Thats still one of the funniest things I have EVER seen....

I really cannot understand what is wrong with Guinan.

El-Alurians • Great Listeners, Lousy Audience.
Data Tells a Joke to Guinan
Data Tells a Joke to Guinan YouTube
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This video in my opinion, would be from mccoy to kirk.
send this video to your closest friend....
send this video to your closest friend.... YouTube
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Best theme song?


Ladies, gentlemen, gender-non-conformers, trills who've changed around a bunch, J'naii who have evolved past all of this... take your seats.

Let the showdown begin.





STAR TREK [tv series]


For reference:


TAS (it's a little different, yeah?)






Allow me to cast the first vote:

Voyager, baby. The strings and woodwinds (I think they're woodwinds?) behind the main horn line are stunning. And I love that it's really not much - an intro, an A section, a B section that traces its way neatly back to A, and an outro.


Star Trek Original Series Intro (HQ)
Star Trek Original Series Intro (HQ) YouTube
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How to be a Vulcan

This chick is hot imho
How to Live Like a Vulcan
How to Live Like a Vulcan wikiHow
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The Red Angel's future

Should the future shown by the Red Angel, where all sentient life in the galaxy is destroyed, be added to the list of alternate timelines?

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• 3/19/2019

After Shading

A tribute to Karl Urban. I call it "All I've Got Left is my bones"
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• 3/19/2019
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• 3/19/2019

5 reasons why

Here are 5 reasons why Bones is my favorite character.
1. We both have a short fuse.
2. We both have seen the darkest depths of a divorce.
3. Wish we could change what happened in the past. (divorce for both of us)
4. Wish we could see a family member. (him Joanna me my brother)
5. Both of us hope the future will get better.
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• 3/19/2019

Connecting To TOS


When Discovery started, there were concerns about the level of tech on show when compared to TOS. Does anyone else feel that the Spore Drive will end up classified within Section 31?

Pike mentions the problems with holographic comes on the Enterprise so says to communicate via screens. Do you think this is to explain a lack of holographic comms in TOS?

I was talking at work about Discovery and we both believe that Ash Tyler will be the reason for the human looking Klingons in TOS. Maybe he will start a family line within the Klingon Empire somehow.
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• 3/18/2019

TV shows

What TV show should I start of with of should I watch the movie first.
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• 3/18/2019

My Epiphany - Why I Watch Star Trek

I literally JUST figured it out —

Klingons were the only Real Men on Television during the 90s.

And all Men need 2 Fathers.
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• 3/17/2019

It Takes a Starship to Raise a Child

I just wanted to post the dialogue to this scene in full, because this is INCREDIBLE writing :

This is the only time I have actually ever seen the It Takes a Village Principle actually APPLIED and enacted - remember, this was written by a woman ( and yes, that matters. Don't argue. )

Notice The Female Elder of The Village (Pulaski) instinctual and reflexively bristles (horse-riding term) at the Sword analogy advanced by the Headmam of The Village (Picard) - as happens in reality.

Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.

[Observation lounge]

This is Commander Riker's meeting.

I'll need your advice and recommendations.

As you know, I've been given the responsibility of overseeing Wesley's education.

To further that goal, I would like to put him in charge of the planetary mineral surveys.

It's a big job with a lot of responsibility.

The Game isn't big enough unless it scares you a little.

[ YES. ]

To do the job, Wesley's going to need a team.

It takes command presence to lead.

Do you think he's ready for that?

Leadership grows from self-confidence, which is also part of a Starfleet officer's education.

All of this is true, but there is an old horse trainer's adage about putting too much weight on a young back.

We don't want him to break under pressure.

We seem to be shifting the focus here.

Are we talking about a young officer on the fast track to the Academy, or are we talking about a young man that we are guiding through adolescence and into adulthood?

You can't guide someone into adulthood.

[ No, you REALLY can't... ]

The experiences are unique to each person. Whether Wes succeeds OR FAILS he will learn from the experience.

I agree. I'm just questioning the speed at which we're moving.

[ Old Women always do. ]

You think we're pushing him too hard?

I think that's a valid concern.

Tempering is taken to extremes.

[ YES. ]

He is a boy, not a Sword.

Who will one day be a Man and, to extend the metaphor, will need a fine edge that won't dull at the first touch of resistance.

Sooner or later he'll have to feel the burden of command. Ensign Crusher.


RIKER [OC]: Report to the Observation Lounge.

[Observation lounge]

(Wesley enters)
Wesley, I've assigned you the command of the planetary mineral surveys.

Sir? Thank you, sir.

You may not thank me once you see how much work it entails.

Assemble a team, and take a look at the records on the Drema quadrant.

There's a MYSTERY here.

We've got to SOLVE it.


Yes, sir. A team, sir?

Ensign, this is a serious responsibility.

I know, sir.

These officers are here to assist you.

Not judge, HELP you.

You should make use of them.

They are a valuable resource.

And by the way, I respect an officer who is prepared to admit ignorance and ask a question, rather than one who out of PRIDE will blunder blindly forward.

[ St. Augustine wrote : "Pride is the Origin of ALL Sin" — not SOME Sins; ALL Sin. ]

I understand, sir.

Ensign. You're dismissed.

I'll try not to disappoint you.
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• 3/17/2019

Data Has a Soul

"I don't know what Use he'll have, but — obviously Doing Things We Don't Wanna Do, y'know?

Saving People's Lives

and Sacrificing itself for Humanity.

Just like Data did."

— Brent Spiner

Data and Sarjenka enter)

He has brought a child onto my ship.

And on my Bridge.

I'm SURE Mister Data has a very GOOD explanation.

I do, sir.

She was frightened and did not wish to be left alone
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• 3/17/2019

Truth be told!😡

To be honest, I do not like the new Spock but I do like the Actor that plays him.Ethan Peck. I have
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• 3/17/2019

Section 31

I think the page should be changed so the main headings are United Earth, Federation.

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