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Das Buch Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History 1967-1987 beschäftigt sich mit dem Star-Trek-Fandom. Im Fokus stehen dabei insbesondere die sogenannten Fanzines.

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When Star Trek began in 1966, it instantly captured the attention of science fiction fans, and gained an attentive audience. When NBC threatened to cancel the show after the second season, the fans wrote in, demanding that it be returned to the air. After the third season, Paramount, NBC, and industry experts felt Star Trek was past. But the fans did not. They started clubs, organized conventions, published newsletters, and kept writing to Paramount to ask that Star Trek be revived. Through these actions, they kept interest in the show alive and flourishing. At last, fan efforts resulted in the Star Trek movies, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Currently, Star Trek lives on in four series -- and the adventure continues.

Boldly Writing chronicles all of these fan efforts, and recognizes the most valuable resource of Star Trek: its fans. The trends, obstacles, hard work, and success of the revival efforts are detailed through the first 20 years of fan publications. Author Joan Marie Verba has been an active fan since the very beginning of Star Trek, and a zine reader, writer, publisher, and collector since 1969.
Joan Marie Verba brings back to life the heady days of Star Trek fandom, chronicling the fight to revive the original series and detailing the controversy and the gossip that fueled the first twenty years and gave birth to generations of wonderful poets and writers. I couldn't stop myself from dipping into this fascinating history.
- Siddig El Fadil / Alexander Siddig, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Thank you for your Boldly Writing. I found it most informative, especially in light of where [the] Star Trek fanzine is now. It's come a long way. Congratulations and continued success.
- Andrew Robinson, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
I have nothing but praise for this monumental work!
- Jacqueline Lichtenberg, co-author of Star Trek Lives!
Little did I know on September 8, 1966 that watching a new television show would profoundly change my life. Star Trek has been inextricably woven into my existence ever since. In Boldly Writing, Joan Marie Verba chronicles the height of the fanzine phenomenon... Joan's book is an amazing reminder of all those stories we shared, those dreams we dreamed, as we went where no fandom had gone before.
- Jean Lorrah, author of The Vulcan Academy Murders, The IDIC Epidemic, Metamorphosis, and Survivors
This book pulls together an incredible amount of information about the history of fandom and does a major service for anyone who either wants to relive those exciting years or to better understand how Star Trek emerged as such a national and international phenomenon. I'll give you a clue. If Star Trek lives, it's because of what early fans like Verba made of it. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in fandom (which increasingly means anyone interested in popular culture).
- Henry Jenkins, author of Textual Poachers: Televison Fans and Participatory Culture

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  • Teil 1: Die ersten Trekker-Fanzines (1967-1971)
  • Teil 2: Stetiger Wachstum (1972-1974)
  • Teil 3: Die Fanzine-Explosion (1975-1977)
  • Teil 4: DIe Zersplitterung des Fandoms (1978-1980)
  • Teil 5: Die frühen Film-Jahre (1981-1987)
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