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Das Buch Deep Space Nine: A Celebration beschäftigt sich mit der Produktion der Serie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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On the heels of Deep Space Nine's first season, Pioneer books is proud to present The Deep Space Nine Celebration.

Chronicling everything from behind-the-scenes details to characters and storylines, The Deep Space Nine Celebration explores all the nooks and crannies of this third Star Trek series, including:
  • The mysterious origins of Odo, the shape changer
  • An extensive examination of the first episode, "Duet" as well as its inspiration, The Man in the Glass Booth
  • Discussions of the religious and political structures surrounding Deep Space Nine

and much more.

Offering a unique combination of interviews, profiles and critical articles, James Van Hise and his collaborators have assembled a wealth of data and observations about the world's most popular science fiction television universe.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine attempted the impossible: catching lightning in a bottle a third time. It has succeeded, and The Deep Space Nine Celebration reveals why.

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