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Delta Quadrant: The Unofficial Guide to Voyager ist ein inoffizieller Episodenführer zur Serie Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager.

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Delta Quadrant is the only episode guide to Voyager. Every episode is recounted and dissected with absolute precision. Every significant piece of data is logged, and those more tricky scientific references are analysed in the ingeniously-named section: 'Ye Canna Change The Laws O' Physics.'

For those of us who aren't primarily SF fans and who simply enjoy a good storyline, Delta Quadrant draws attention to some of Voyager's excellent characterisation and dialogue. It also points out bloopers and puzzles, lack of continuity and where things could have been done better.

„Am I the only one intent on getting home? Is it just me? Am I leading the crew on a forlorn mission with no hope of success?“

This is the essential guide to the trials of Captain Janeway and the rest of the Voyager team as they try to bridge 70,000 light years and find a way home from the Delta Quadrant.
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