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Flying Starships ist die Autobiografie des Star-Trek-VFX-Spezialisten Ronald B. Moore.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the incredible visual effects seen on your favorite movies and television shows? Transferring the words and ideas of the written page to the screen, bringing new worlds and civilizations to life and allowing starships to fly from one corner of the Galaxy to the other?

In Flying Starships, five-times Emmy Award-winning visual effects supervisor Ronald B. Moore looks back over his remarkable 30-year career in Hollywood, revealing stories from his work on blockbuster movies such as Ghostbuster and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker to the 18 years he spent on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Flying Starships presents an unparalleled insight into one of the most successful and beloved film and television franchises ever created, and the personal story of one of Hollywood's most celebrated visual effects artists.

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  • Introduction (S. i)
  1. A Night on the Set (S. 1)
  2. Preproduction (S. 7)
  3. Production (S. 17)
  4. Flying Starships (S. 29)
  5. Postproduction (S. 43)
  6. Fury, An Episode Diary (S. 55)
  7. Generations“ (S. 75)
  8. Conventions (S. 93)
  9. Having A Bad Day (S. 101)
  10. Winning An Emmy (S. 107)
  11. Working in Hollywood (S. 117)
  12. Feature Film VFX (S. 127)
  13. Hollywood Unions (S. 139)
  14. Enterprise Blues Band (S. 149)
  15. It's Teamwork (S. 159)
  • Acknowledgments (S. 163)
  • About the Author (S. 165)
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