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Das Buch Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology beschäftigt sich mit der Geschichte der Raumfahrt aus Sicht des Star-Trek-Universums. Vom Start der Sputnik bis zu den Ereignissen aus Star Trek: Der Film. Rick Sternbach zeichnete sich für die Illustrationen verantwortlich.

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Vom Umschlagtext:

The stars beckon... man responds! The Human adventure is just beginning!

The publication of this book initiates an exciting and necessary project: to provide Star Fleet Academy Cadets with a concise illustrated history of their home planets, spaceflight, evolution and development.

So, Cadets from Earth, welcome to the history of your planet's two and a half illustrious centuries in space – years filled with extraordinary achievement, darkened by great tragedy, marked by countless marvels and perils. The future will be made by you who read this chronology.

Learn the past to make the future.

Live long and prosper!

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The Spaceflight Chronology - abridged from a much greater work - has been compiled to provide Star Fleet Academy Cadets with a concise, illustrated history of their home planet's spaceflight evolution and technical development. It covers two centuries, starting with the first Space Shuttle flights in 1980 and ending with the heavy cruiser Constitution class star ships in 2188. More than 100 spacecrafts are featured; these include the Icarus which, in 2048, made Earth's first contact with the Alpha Centauri civilization and the King Charles, the most luxurious starliner ever built.

Henceforth, freshman Cadets of planet Earth and eventually freshman Cadets from Vulcan, Rigel, Alpha Centauri, Tellar and Andor, should include Spaceflight Chronology on their essential reading list.


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