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Mi provas ĉi tion Hoogamagoo 03:29, 25. Jun 2008 (UTC)

Moving the language codes[]


As you know, Memory Alpha has a different URL structure than other wikis. Instead of the language code being in the first part of the URL (and not used on most English language wikis) it's added after the .org.

This has required technical exceptions for some time which are getting harder to manage. To improve the stability of Memory Alpha during site updates, we need to drop the en from the English Memory Alpha and move the other language prefixes to the beginning of the URL.

For instance:

We may need to tidy some URLs in css and other cases, but all previous URLs will now redirect to the new version. We hope to make this change some time next week.

Thanks all, and sorry for having to write here in English. -- sannse (talk) 22:32, 15. Apr 2010 (UTC)

License update on MA/en[]

Apologies in advance for writing this in English.

We are updating the MA/en license to v4.0 as per here: en:Forum:Memory Alpha licence update discussion

This means that if you plan to translate or transcribe pages from MA/en, you will need to update the MA/eo license to v4.0 also.

Please let me know on my talk page or chime in on the MA/en discussion page about license updating. We can assist with the changes that need to be made here if needed. -- sulfur (diskuto) 18:48, 26 Okt. 2015 (UTC)