Kirk on trial
Serie: TOS
Temporada: 1
Nº Producción: 015
Fecha de Emisión:(1) 2 de Febrero de 1967
Orden de Emisión:(1): 1x20
Año: 2267
Fecha Estelar: 2947.3

Kirk es acusado de negligencia criminal causando la muerte de uno de sus subordinados, el Teniente Comandante Benjamin Finney, y es puesto en el banquillo por esta muerte.

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  • Latinoamérica / España: Consejo de Guerra
  • Brasil: Corte Marcial
  • Alemania: Kirk Unter Anklage (Kirk Bajo Acusación)
  • Italia: Corte Marziale
  • Francia: Court Martiale
  • Japón: Uchu-gunpou-kaigi (Corte Marcial Espacial)




"Bitácora del capitán. Fecha estelar 2947,3. Hemos atravesado una gran tormenta. Ha muerto un tripulante. La nave ha sufrido numerosos daños. He solicitado reparaciones urgentes a la Base Estelar 11. He enviado un informe de daños al comandante de la Base, el Comodoro Stone."

En las oficinas del Comodoro Stone en la superficie de la Base Estelar 11, el Capitán Kirk está leyendo su declaración jurada mientras el Comodoro mira un gráfico en la pared, que muestra el estado de reparación de varias naves. El Comodoro llama a la Sección de Mantenimiento 18, que estaba trabajando en la USS Intrepid, y reorganiza el trabajo para que trabajen en la Enterprise con la mayor prioridad.

El Capitán Kirk dice que el Oficial Benjamin Finney estaba en una cápsula durante la tormenta de iones. El Capitán pasó a Alerta Roja y urgió a Finney a que saliera de la cápsula, pero como ya era muy tarde tuvo que eyectarla, matando al oficial.

Kirk llamó al Enterprise, y Uhura le confirma que Spock está siendo teletransportado a la superficie con el registro de computadora que confirma su testimonio. Spock se materializa, estando inseguro de la información del registro, pero antes que pueda decir algo, Jame Finney se adelanta acusando al capitán de haber asesinado a su padre, Benjamin Finney.

Spock escolta a la joven afuera, y el Commodore Stone pregunta a Kirk si está seguro que eyectó la cápsula después de llamar a alerta roja, lo cual este último confirma. Pero los registros de la computadora muestran que la cápsula fue eyectada antes de la alerta roja, por lo que pone en tela de juicio la intervención del capitán. El Comodoro Stone restringe a Kirk a quedarse en la base, e inicia un proceso de enjuiciamiento.

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"Bitácora del capitán. Fecha estelar 2948,5. La Enterprise orbita la Base Estelar 11. Los trabajos de reparación continúan. Se me ha ordenado que permanezca aquí hasta que la investigación por la muerte de Finney pueda llevarse a cabo.

Confío en una resolución positiva."

Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy walk into the M-11 Starbase Club on Starbase 11, and meet up with several members of Kirk's graduating class, including Corrigan and Teller. Several of them, including Timothy, claim to be concerned about how long they are staying, but Kirk realizes they believe that he was responsible for Finney's (who was also a member of the same graduating class) death.

Just after Captain Kirk leaves, Areel Shaw enters. Dr. McCoy quickly introduces himself, and they go to have drinks.

Archivo:Starbase11 chart.jpg

In Commodore Stone's office, the inquiry to decide if a general court martial should be convened against Captain Kirk begins. Kirk starts by describing his relationship with Finney, including the fact that he taught at Starfleet Academy when Kirk was a midshipman, and that his daughter was named after him.

Picasso inspects the Enterprise
But a number of years later, while they both served on the USS Republic, Finney left a circuit open to the atomic matter piles that should have been closed, another 5 minutes and he could have blown up the ship. Kirk closed the switch, and logged the incident, and Finney drew a reprimand, and was sent to the bottom of the promotion list. Finney always blamed Kirk for his never getting promoted to captain of his own ship.

Discussing the ion storm, Kirk claims he sent Finney into the ion pod just before entering the storm. At the leading edge, he checked in as Captain Kirk signaled yellow alert. Due to pressure, force 7 variant stress, Captain Kirk signaled red alert. This gave Finney the warning to get out of the pod, before it had to be ejected. Commodore Stone reminds him that the logs show he ejected the pod before signaling red alert, a fact that Kirk can't explain.

Commodore Stone stops the recording, and suggests that perhaps stress and time have worn him down offering him a ground assignment if he'll admit responsibility. Insulted by the idea of effectively covering up the incident, Captain Kirk argues that he knew what happened, and the transcripts are lying. Commodore Stone decides that a General Court Martial must be drawn, to which Kirk, knowing the truth would clear him, angrily demands such a hearing.

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"Captain's log, stardate 2948.9. The officers who will comprise my court martial board are proceeding to Starbase 11. Meanwhile, repairs on the Enterprise are almost complete."
Captain Kirk meets with his old friend, Areel Shaw, who he hasn't seen in over four years. She warns him that he's taking the case very lightly, which he attributes to "the confidence of an innocent man". She says that the prosecution will argue "Kirk vs. Computer", on which he'd lose.

He asks her to be his attorney, but she's busy with another case. She recommends Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law. He asks her how she knows so much about the case, and what the prosecution is going to do. She reveals that she is the prosecution, and she's going to try her hardest to see that he is broken out of the service in disgrace.

In James Kirk's temporary quarters on Starbase 11, Samuel T. Cogley has set up shop with a number of old-style "books". Kirk is just about to pour some Saurian brandy, when he notices he has let himself in. Cogley argues that books are where you can experience the law, not in a synthesized computer.


As Captain Kirk's court martial begins, Commodore Stone has assembled a board to oversee the proceedings; Starfleet Command representative Lindstrom, and starship Captains Krasnovsky and Chandra. Commodore Stone, as president of the proceedings, asks if Kirk has any objections to any member of the court, and he doesn't. After the computer lists the charges against him, Captain Kirk pleads not guilty.

Shaw questions Spock

Shaw questions Commander Spock

Lieutenant Shaw calls Spock to the stand. After the computer reads off his service file, Shaw asks Commander Spock how much he knows about computers, to which he responds that he knew all about them.

She then claims that Kirk was responding to an emergency that didn't yet exist, and thereby killing Finney. Spock argues that Shaw's theory is impossible, as Kirk could not have done such a thing.

Cogley has no questions, and Spock steps down.

Lieutenant Shaw then calls the personnel officer of the Enterprise to the stand. The personnel officer confirms that when Captain Kirk was an ensign on the Republic with Finney, it was noted in Finney's record that he failed to close a circuit, which cost him a promotion. Cogley has no questions at this time, either.

Lieutenant Shaw then calls ship's surgeon Dr. Leonard McCoy to the stand. She confirms that he is an expert in space psychology and the effects that long term space travel has on the mind. She then asks McCoy if it was possible, that if Finney hated Kirk, Kirk then reciprocated by hating Finney. Again, Cogley has no questions, and Dr. McCoy steps down.

After an expression of puzzlement by Commodore Stone at Cogley's unwillingness to cross-examine, Cogley then calls Captain James T. Kirk to the stand. After the computer lists off a number of his awards, Cogley asks Kirk if there was indeed a red alert when the pod was jettisoned, despite what the computers said.

Kirk states that there was, and that he would do it again, because he would do anything for the safety of his ship. Cogley then gives the witness to Lieutenant Shaw.

Stone (Commodore)

Commodore Stone presides over the court

Lieutenant Shaw then plays the video playback, from the Bridge of the Enterprise, on Stardate 2945.7. The footage shows Lieutenant Commander Finney being posted to the pod, and the Enterprise going to yellow alert after encountering the ion storm.

Shaw then magnifies a panel on the side of Kirk's command chair. The video shows that Kirk did in fact launch the pod, before signaling red alert. The captain is puzzled, claiming "that's not the way it happened."

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"Captain's log, stardate 2949.9. The evidence presented by the visual playback to my general court-martial was damning. I suspect even my attorney has begun to doubt me."

Cogley suggests to Kirk that maybe he did have a lapse in memory, and that they can still change their plea. But Kirk, unsure of his own decision, decides that he'll stick to what he remembers. Spock contacts Starbase 11 from the Enterprise, saying that he ran a megalyte survey on the computer, but the results show nothing.

Kirk suggests that maybe Spock will be able to defeat his next captain at chess, and closes the channel. To this, Spock says "chess..." and leaves the bridge.

In the captain's temporary quarters, Jame Finney enters, asking Cogley to make Kirk change his plea, and take a ground assignment. Jame had read through old letters to her and her mother, in which Benjamin Finney talked about how close he was to his friend, James Kirk. Kirk leaves to change into his dress uniform, while Cogley formulates an idea.

Back on the Enterprise, Spock is playing a game of 3-D chess with the computer in the briefing room. Dr. McCoy walks in, astonished that he could be engaging in recreation at a time like this. When Spock quite casually confirms that, indeed, he is simply enjoying a relaxing game of chess, McCoy calls the Vulcan the most cold-blooded man he has ever known and storms out.

Before he can get to the door, however, Spock explains that he's just won his fourth consecutive game, and when the doctor stops in his tracks and insists that such a feat is impossible, Spock invites him to observe his next match. After defeating the computer once again, he tells McCoy that, while its mechanically "flawless" nature should make it infallible, he could not accept what the computer reported regarding Captain Kirk's decision to jettison the pod - he had been on the bridge during the emergency, and therefore he knew its account of the incident was false. So he tested the program bank, and by winning, proved that the computer had been tampered with.

When McCoy now asks Spock he isn't in more of a hurry to reveal these findings, Spock alerts the transporter room that he and Dr. McCoy are beaming down, and they hurry out of the Briefing room.


Defense Samuel T. Cogley

Meanwhile, court has resumed. The prosecution rests their case, but, just as the defense does the same, Spock and McCoy hurry in with new evidence. Cogley pleads that Human rights demand that Kirk be allowed to face the witness against him, the EnterprisePlantilla:'s computer.

Cogley suggests the court reconvene aboard the Enterprise. He explains that doing otherwise would lower Humanity to the level of the machine.

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"Captain's log, stardate 2950.1. After due consideration, the general court-martial has reconvened on board the Enterprise."

Spock explains to the court that the best he could hope for in a game of chess with the computer would be a stalemate, and yet he's won five games to date. Hypothetically, the only people who could have altered the computer are Spock, Kirk, or a records officer, which at present, the Enterprise does not have.

Kirk describes the phase one search they performed to find Lieutenant Commander Finney, after the pod had been jettisoned. When Kirk admits that, on a vessel as large as a Plantilla:ShipClass starship, it was at least possible for someone to evade such a search, Cogley concludes that Finney may not be dead at all, but hiding somewhere aboard the Enterprise.

To conduct an experiment, all but the command crew and the court are beamed off the Enterprise to the surface, including Cogley, who had important business there.

Court martial officials on bridge

Stone hears Finney's heartbeat

Spock uses the ship's on board auditory sensors to amplify the heartbeats of all aboard. Dr. McCoy uses a white sound device to mask the heartbeats of all aboard the bridge.

This leaves only the crewman in the transporter room, and they remove his heartbeat from the scan. There is still a single heartbeat unaccounted for: Finney's.

The sound is coming from the B-Deck, in or near engineering. Kirk goes down with a phaser to find Finney. Sam Cogley had gone to the planet to bring Jame aboard. The EnterprisePlantilla:'s orbit begins to decay.

Archivo:Ben Finney.jpg

Ben Finney believes that Starfleet conspired against him, to rob him of ever getting his own command. He aims a phaser at Kirk, and explains how he planned to destroy the ship.

Kirk tries to reason with him, but has little success until Finney's resolve is broken upon the revelation that Jame is also aboard and thus also in danger. Spock plans to beam the members of the court back to the planet's surface, but power is failing due to Finney's tampering.

As a fight in main engineering commences, and Kirk finally gets the upper hand. Beaten and sobbing, Finney tells Kirk where he tampered with the controls. Kirk begins attempting repairs.

On the bridge, Uhura takes the helm as power returns. They are able to stabilize orbit just in time. The prosecutor has no further arguments, and Kirk is found innocent of all charges.

As the Enterprise prepares to depart, Areel tells Kirk that Cogley will now represent Finney in his own trial. She kisses Kirk goodbye, hoping they will see each other again.

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  • El Capitán Chandra aparece en el tiempo alterno de la película Star Trek como miembro del consejo de guerra sufrido por el Cadete James T. Kirk por hacer trampa en la Prueba Kobayashi Maru. En ese consejo figura también una "Teniente Alice Rawlings", como la actriz que trabaja en este episodio.
  • La escena en la que la nave debe estabilizar la órbita, se utiliza metraje filmado para el episodio "The Naked Time"

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