El uso de esta plantilla es para crear enlaces de actores, series o compañías con la IMDb.


{{ IMDb-link | type=<pagetype> | page=<articleID> | name=<linktext> }}
type can be one of "name", "title", "company", or "keyword"
page is the article id (for type=name, type=title, or type=company) or keyword (for type=keyword)
name is the displayed text for the link
Note that the 'type' and 'name' parameters are optional, and default to "name" and "{{PAGENAME}}", respectively. IMDb "name" articles all begin with "nm", "title" articles begin with "tt", and company articles begin with "co". Keywords can be just about anything. For example:
results in
a link to the IMDb article on William Shatner. Note that the link text is filled in automatically by the template using the page name. You would normally use this syntax on the page about, in this case, William Shatner.
{{IMDb-link|type=company|page=co0023400|name=Paramount Pictures}}
gives you
a link to the IMDb article on Paramount Pictures. Note that the default type of the IMDb article, "name", has been overridden using the 'type' parameter, and the default text for the link, the page name, has been overridden using the 'name' parameter. As another example,
produces the output
or, by using the 'name' parameter
{{IMDb-link|type=title|page=tt0079945|name=Star Trek: The Motion Picture}}
produces the output
Note that the title text is automatically italicized if the 'type' parameter is set to "title".
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