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Star Trek-Star Trek

Star Trek is a science fiction franchise created by Gene Rodenberry in the 1960s. During its creation it underwent many changes such as the change of the cast several times which ended with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Commander Spock and Deforest Kelly as Doctor McCoy. Leonard Nimoy was the only one of the original cast of the pilot chapter. Currently Star Trek belongs to CBS Studios.

55 years ago Gene Rodenberry created Star Trek as he was already mentioned. The pilot chapter underwent changes also mentioned in the introduction as the change of the original cast, focusing on the original series there were three proposed captains to command the iconic USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), the captains were Robert M. April as Commodore Robert T. April his successor Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike and finally the most famous William Shatner as the iconic Captain James T. Kirk who was selected to be the captain of the Enterprise and the main character of the series.

Already in 1973 the animated series was launched with the same cast except for a few secondary characters, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Pavel Checov.

In 1987 Star Trek: the new generation was issued, in which the adventures of the crew of the Enterprise-NCC-1701-D are narrated, under the command of Captain Picard, the series had 7 seasons and it takes place from the year 2363 to the In 2370, in 2371 the Enterprise is destroyed by a Klingon bird of prey commanded by the Duras family in the orbit of Veridian III, with Commander Riker the one who gives the order to separate the saucer section before the warp core of the ship explodes. This series of events takes place in the movie Star Trek: Generations being the last film in which Captain Kirk dies when he helps Captain Picard to stop Doctor Tolian Soran who tries to re-enter the Nexus a place where time does not pass and refuge of the El-Aurians, through the destruction of the Veridian planetary system.

In 1993 the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or DS9 was launched, set after the occupation of Bajor by Cardasia, the series takes place on the space station Deep Space 9, the former Cardassian base Terok Nor, Commander Sisko played by Avery Books He is given the task of helping rebuild Bajor with the help of various officers and after the destruction of the Enterprise the return of several well-known officers such as the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Worf and the Chief of Transportation of the Enterprise Miles O ' Brien played by Colm Meaney, during the 7 years in which the series is given many things happen such as a war with the Klingons the "mortal enemies" of the United Federation of Planets and a War against Cardasia and the fearsome military power of the Gamma Quadrant The Domain which is run by the Founders, a metamorphic alien species who want to destroy all solid life (which cannot change shape) except for their outside. s military and invasion the Jem'Hadar and the Vorta liaison of the Founders with the Jem'Hadar This conflict was called the Dominion War in which the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the very secretive Romulan Empire formed a coalition against the Dominion and its allies the Cardassians and the Breen Confederacy, in this war the coalition wins and the dominion is forced to dismantle much of its military forces as part of the unconditional surrender agreement.

In 1995 the series Star Trek: Voyager comes out with Captain Jenway played by Kate Mulgrew, Commander Chakotay played by Robert Beltran and Lieutenant Tom Paris played by Robert Duncan McNeil among others during this series the life and adventures of the crew are explored of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656) during its journey that would last 75 years from the depths of the Delta Quadrant to its return to the Alpha Quadrant, but its trip was shortened thanks to the Borg an alien species that has a single collective mind that wishes Achieving perfection through conquest and assimilation to their collective and everything in their path, the first appearance of the Borg was in Star Trek: The Next Generation in the third season.

In 2001 a prequel called Star Trek: Enterprise comes out that tells the intrepid adventures of Captain Archer and the crew of the USS Enterprise (NX-01) this story takes place in the XXII century about 80 years after the nuclear holocaust of the Third War World.

Then in 2017 Star Trek: Discovery comes out, the second prequel to the franchise, which happens in the year 2256 with the outbreak of the First Klingon-Federation War, this series takes place a couple of years before the events of the original series, during development the USS Discovery (NCC-1031) spacecraft travels back in time to 3189 in the 32nd century.

Today two new series Star Trek: Lower Decks were launched, this would be the second animated series of the franchise, in this series the adventures of 4 low-ranking officers aboard the USS Cerritos (NCC-75567) are narrated in the 20th century. XXIV.

In mid-2020, one of the last series of the franchise came out, this series is called Star Trek: Picard, in which the retired Captain and Admiral Jean-Luc Picard is narrated in his attempt to avoid a Romulan uprising that alien species that lost its planet home after its sun went supernova.

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