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Hello, what happened to the Morn bot ? - From Cardassia with pain 27 mars 2009 à 20:39 (UTC)

Morn has not been in use for almost 2 years. Its "owner" Kobi hasn't been on en-MA in just as long. Why do you ask? --Alan 27 mars 2009 à 20:42 (UTC)

Because, there are more and more users adding interwiki links and Morn was very useful for that. I already thought Kobi wasn't here for a while. - From Cardassia with pain 27 mars 2009 à 20:48 (UTC)

Well, I just do it if I move a page or am changing links on another language page and notice one is missing, as in my last edit. Anyway, there is at least one other bot that had been known to do interwiki links since Morn, but that too has not been operated for a while. I have my own bot as well, however, I don't think I have it rigged up for interwiki linking. --Alan 27 mars 2009 à 21:02 (UTC)