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MONDE RÉEL: Littérature trekkienne
(Œuvres apocryphes / non-canons)
Couverture Star Trek: Star Charts
Editeur: Pocket Books
1ère parution : 08/10/2002
Auteur: Geoffrey Mandel
Illustrateur: Geoffrey Mandel
Pages: 96
Références: ISBN 0743437705

Star Trek Star Charts est un guide sur l'univers Star Trek, contenant des informations sur la Galaxie de la Voie Lactée (physiques, Quadrants, Secteurs), les étoiles et planètes qui la compose, les puissances dominantes (Fédération des Planètes Unies, Empire stellaire romulien, Empire klingon, Dominion, Union cardassienne...). Le livre fournit également les routes empruntées par l'Enterprise NX-01 et l'USS Voyager NCC-74656.


Couverture du livre[]

"...all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by."
From the earliest days of explorations, there has always been one tried-and-true way to navigate through uncharted reaches and one to find the way home – the stars. Ancient mariners prized their star charts, knowing that they could guide them safely into a friendly port or lead them to the reaches of the mysterious East. Modes of transportation have changed but the stars are still our constant guides. When man took his first step into space armed with the very latest in computers, he took with him the same tool for reading the stars that the men who sailed under canvas carried.
When Humans launched the first ship designed for long-range missions into the deep waters of interstellar space, the Vulcan High Command provided their star charts for the Enterprise NX-01. But Jonathan Archer was not content with relying on the known. Although he used the Vulcan charts, he also added to them, and greatly expanded Starfleet's knowledge of the galaxy. Every generation of starship captain that followed has built on Archer's first steps.
Follow the course set by Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. Relive their extraordinary adventures as you find here, for the first time, the star maps that chart the routes these famous explorers took. This book will be a Star Trek cartographer's dream, without a doubt.

Table des matières[]

  • Acknowledgments
  • Milky Way Galaxy
  • Stars
  • Alpha Quadrant
  • Beta Quadrant
  • Gamma Quadrant
  • Delta Quadrant
  • Key to charts
  • United Federation of Planets charts

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