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MONDE RÉEL: Littérature trekkienne
(Œuvres apocryphes / non-canons)

"Strange New Worlds 10" est une anthologie de nouvelles originales (fanfictions).


  • Introduction - Ten Years of Great Adventure (par Dean Wesley Smith)
  • TOS:
    • "The Smell of Dead Roses" de Gerri Leen (gagnant du grand prix)
    • "The Doomsday Gambit" de Rick Dickson
    • "Empty" de David DeLee
  • TNG:
    • "Wired" de Aimee Ford Foster
    • "A Dish Served Cold" de Paul C. Tseng
    • "The Very Model" de Muri McCage
  • DS9:
    • "So a Horse Walks into a Bar..." de Brian Seidman
    • "Signal to Noise" de Jim Johnson
  • VOY:
    • "The Fate of Captain Ransom" de Rob Vagle
    • "A Taste of Spam" de Louis E. Doggett
    • "Adjustments" de Laura Ware
    • "The Day the Borg Came" de M.C. DeMarco
  • ENT:
    • "The Dream" de Robyn Sullivent Gries
    • "Universal Chord" de Carolyn Winifred (gagnant du 3ème prix)
    • "You Are Not in Space" de Edgar Governo
  • Spéculations :
    • "Time Line" de Jerry M. Wolfe
    • "Echoes" de Randy Tatano (gagnant du 2ème prix)
    • "Brigadoon" de Rigel Ailur
    • "Reborn" de Jeremy Yoder


4ème de couverture
Ambassador Sarek meets his future wife. Captain Ransom atones for his sins. T'Pol pursues a composer, after she is captivated by the human's music. Strands of DNA are woven together from four Starfleet captains, creating one man with one mission. An entity fights for its right to live, despite the fact that it is not alive.
From the ordinary to the extraordinary, all of these stories are embraced by the vision of Star Trek. When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, he also tapped a wellspring of Human imagination. Viewers were transformed into fans, who embraced the show and turned the definition of "fan" on its ear. However, when what was on the screen was simply not enough, fans started writing their own stories, which they then shared among friends and family.
Ten years ago, Pocket Books offered Star Trek fans a unique opportunity to become a part of the Star Trek mythos. A contest was created in which the best stories submitted by nonprofessional writers would be published. And over the course of a decade, hundreds of pounds of submissions poured in. Many of the writers who submitted to Strange New Worlds went on to become professional writers.
This time there are nineteen writers: Rigel Ailur, David DeLee, M.C. DeMarco, Rick Dickson, Louis E. Doggett, Aimee Ford Foster, Edgar Governo, Robyn Sullivent Gries, Jim Johnson, Gerri Leen, Muri McCage, Brian Seidman, Randy Tatano, Paul C. Tseng, Rob Vagle, Laura Ware, Carolyn Winifred, Jerry M. Wolfe, and Jeremy Yoder.
We welcome them to the book that is by the fans, for the fans.
Des extraits de sources sous copyright sont incluses ici pour de la revue de détails seulement, sans intention aucune de violation des droits d'auteurs.


  • Il s'agit de la dernière anthologie dans le cadre du concours annuel. Le concours a été recréé dans le cadre du 50ème anniversaire en 2016.

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