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The 2240s were an important decade for Federation space exploration, with the commissioning of new starship class vessels Constitution and Enterprise, which came to be known as Constitution-class starships. Captained by Robert T. April, with wife Sarah April as CMO, Enterprise experienced many exploration firsts in her long career, which began in 2245. These new ships benefited from advances in warp drive which came along with the breaking of the time barrier, and also new computer advancements such as duotronics, invented by Richard Daystrom in this decade.

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  • Approximately around the early to middle years of this decade, a young James T. Kirk went for a joyride in his stepfather's Corvette, bailing out just as the car fell into a deep quarry. (Star Trek)
  • Around the same time, a young Spock gets into a physically violent altercation with one of three other Vulcan students at the Vulcan Learning Center after they insult his mother. (Star Trek)

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