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May was the fifth month of the Human year.

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May 5th
In 2151, the crew of Enterprise makes first contact with the Axanar. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")
May 11th
In 2256, this date falls on a Sunday. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")
May 16th
In 2153, Kaitaama ascends to the throne of Krios Prime as First Monarch. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")
May 17th
In 2154, Enterprise is attacked in the Borderland by two Orion Interceptors. (ENT: "Borderland")
May 20th
Kathryn Janeway is born. (VOY: "Year of Hell")

Other eventsEdit

Enterprise's spatial torpedoes are calibrated in the heat of battle after an early launch in April of the same year. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")
Duras resumes pursuit of the Enterprise NX into the Delphic Expanse after waiting for Enterprise to complete a refit on Earth. (ENT: "The Expanse")
The Augment Crisis takes place. (ENT: "Borderland", "The Augments")
Doctor Arik Soong returns to Cold Station 12 to retrieve Augment embryos stored there. (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

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Many events in the non-canon novel Articles of the Federation took place in May of 2380.

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