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Rachel Robinson (born 14 July 1975; age 44) played Melanie in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fourth season episode "The Visitor". She is the daughter of Andrew Robinson (Garak), and was a leading candidate for the role of Ezri Dax on DS9. [1] She currently lives in Portland, Oregon and works primarily as a singer / songwriter. She released a self-titled EP in 2003, Platonica Files in 2007, My Pleasure in 2009, and c'est la swimming in 2015.

David Livingston, the director of "The Visitor" commented "We saw a lot of young women but she blew everybody away. She had an innocence and an intelligence and an enthusiasm, all qualities that I thought made the character very rich". Ira Steven Behr added "She gave a very lovely performance. I know Andy was very proud, and he had every reason to be". (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

Robinson has also guest-starred in ER and Judging Amy (with Kevin Rahm), and has appeared in the films Loser Love, Can't Be Heaven (with Matt McCoy), and He's Such a Girl (with Jennifer Hetrick and Ed Begley, Jr.).

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