Pike in hell

Pike's vision of Hell-Fire

Hell-Fire was the fabled fires which burned in hell.

During his childhood, Christopher Pike once heard a fable in which Hell-Fire was featured.

During his captivity on Talos IV in 2254, now-Captain Pike was subjected to an illusion of Hell-Fire. This simulation served as a punishment when he refused to cooperate with his Talosian jailers, specifically an instruction from The Keeper to consume a protein complex. (TOS: "The Cage", "The Menagerie, Part II")

No name for this location was ever provided on-screen. The name "Hell-Fire" comes from the scripts for "The Cage". In the first and final drafts, Hell-Fire was described in a stage direction that stated, "[The captain] finds himself writhing in bubbling, sulphurous [sic] brimstone, in a dark place obscured with smoke, flame licking at him from all sides."
The Hell-Fire set was on Stage 16 of Desilu's Culver City lot. [1]

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