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Hello! Sorry for posting this in english! I'm Plasmarelais from MA/de. Yesterday I ran our bot on MA/de, PlasmarelaisBot, setting and fixing interwiki links. It's going through all languages to add/edit/delete new/changed/broken IWL on MA/de. Now I also got a list of it-pages, where IWL to other existing pages are missing: see here.

So I ask you if you would like the bot to add these IWL on your pages. If so, I would request a botflag for your wiki from w:User:Avatar and the bot may start working. If you have any questions about the bot or the way it is working or anything else, just contact me on my german user talk. Thank you! --Plasmarelais Ξ TALK Ξ Ξ 07:36, 24 mag 2009 (UTC)

Hello Plasmarelais, welcome on MA/it. I agree with your helpful proposal, but don't know how to set botflag granted access, sorry. If you can tell me the right procedure, I'll do it immediately. Gifh absculta 24.05.2009 11:27

Alright, I'll start it as soon possible. Thanks for your permission! About the botflag: it's not up to you, only a wikia staff member can set that up! Thank you! --Plasmarelais Ξ TALK Ξ Ξ 11:20, 24 mag 2009 (UTC)