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Articolo del Mondo Reale
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Traduzione Italiana: Indizi
Traduzione letterale: Indizi
TNG, Episodio 4x14
Numero di produzione: 40274-188
Prima messa in onda: 11 febbraio 1991
87° di 176 prodotto in TNG
87° di 176 rilasciato in TNG
  {{{nNthReleasedInSeries_Remastered}}}° di 176 rilasciato in TNG Rimasterizzata  
194° di 756 rilasciati in tutto
Tethys III
Teleplay di
Bruce D. Arthurs e Joe Menosky

Storia di
Bruce D. Arthurs

Diretto da
Les Landau
44502.7 (2367)
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The crew of the Enterprise wakes up after apparently passing through a wormhole, finding mysteries surrounding their blackout. Data begins to act suspicious, prompting the command staff to wonder if he has been compromised.


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The crew of the USS Enterprise discovers a T-Tauri type star near the Ngame Nebula. The system has one planet, a frozen gas giant similar to Tethys III, and a small, unstable wormhole that flings the vessel 0.54 parsecs from the system as it approaches – and causes the entire crew, with the exception of Lieutenant Commander Data, to fall unconscious. Data notes such phenomena are not uncommon in T-Tauri systems – thirty-nine had been observed since 2267. Data informs Captain Jean-Luc Picard that the crew was knocked out for only 30 seconds; but anomalies soon are discovered by the crew – the growth of Diomedian scarlet moss in Dr. Beverly Crusher's lab, Lieutenant Worf's broken wrist having been repaired, and others. Data tries to explain away these contradictions, at one point quoting an obscure theory by Pell Underhill, but the anomalies indicate not only that the period of unconsciousness was in fact much longer than 30 seconds, but that a full ship's day had passed. It is then clear that Data is apparently concealing information and fabricating false data to keep the crew's organic members from discovering the truth.

When Picard investigates the clues and demands to know why Data will not tell him the truth, the android informs him that he, Picard, had ordered Data not to. Backtracking to the T-Tauri system, the crew finds that the system in reality contains a Class M planet inhabited by the Paxans, a violently xenophobic and highly advanced race. They terraformed their planet in order to conceal it from intruders. When an intruder comes within their space, the "wormhole" (actually an energy field) renders the ship's crew unconscious in biochemical stasis, and the ship is transported out of their space through a wormhole to just over half a parsec away from their space.

Data e Troi (clues)

Data e la Troi si comportano in maniera... inusuale

The body of Counselor Deanna Troi is possessed by a Paxan representative to communicate with the crew and warns that their prior attempt to "undo" the contact has failed. In order to prevent the Paxans from destroying the ship and killing all aboard, Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew again work to alter or erase all records concerning the true nature of the planet. Only Data is allowed to retain any knowledge of what happened to the ship and crew during the missing day.

Once the crew is brought back from stasis again, the conversation goes approximately the same as the first time. However, when the captain orders Data to launch the probe, he also orders him to dispatch a message to Starfleet. Data is confused by the ironic, unexpected situation. Since captain Picard has not expressly forbidden him to execute such an order, and therefore, Data would be required to comply. However, by doing so, he will be putting the Paxans at risk of being approached again by a Federation ship.

Background Information

  • Worf's Mok'bara classes are first seen in this episode.
  • Alyssa Ogawa is given her first name in this episode. Her last name would not be mentioned until TNG: "Identity Crisis".
  • Data references the USS Trieste, a ship he stated he was familiar with in TNG: "11001001".
  • To differentiate the flashbacks, longer and more fluid camera takes are used than in the "present" scenes.
  • Joe Menosky's rewrite of the script won him a staff job on TNG. (ST: TNG Companion)

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ADTH; Big Good-Bye, The; cigarette; class M; Cleveland; electrolyte; emergency plan ZZA; Gloria; helium; nitrogen; oxygen; Packard; Paxans; Starbase 410; Tethys III; USS Trieste; T-Tauri type

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"Il diavolo"
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Stagione 4
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"Primo contatto"
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