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Articolo del Mondo Reale
(scritto dal punto di vista del mondo reale)
"Final Mission"
Traduzione Italiana: L'ultima missione
Traduzione letterale: Missione finale
TNG, Episodio 4x09
Numero di produzione: 40274-183
Prima messa in onda: 19 novembre 1990
82° di 176 prodotto in TNG
82° di 176 rilasciato in TNG
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189° di 756 rilasciati in tutto
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Teleplay di
Kasey Arnold-Ince e Jeri Taylor

Storia di
Kasey Arnold-Ince

Diretto da
Corey Allen
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Mentre si sta dirigendo verso l'Accademia della Flotta Stellare, Wesley Crusher deve prendersi cura di un capitano Picard ferito dopo che la navetta sulla quale stavano viaggiando si schianta su di una luna deserta.


Wesley Crusher comes running onto the bridge and apologizes to Captain Picard for being ten minutes late for a summon. Picard chastises the young man, then, smiling, tells the young ensign that a position has opened in this year's class at Starfleet Academy and that Wesley has been granted the posting. He would be leaving in two weeks, and will have to work hard to catch up with his classmates.

In the interim, Picard is to arbitrate a mining dispute on Pentarus V, and he opts to bring Wesley along to observe. The USS Enterprise-D rendezvouses with Captain Dirgo's shuttle, and Picard and Wesley depart with Dirgo to Pentarus III. On first meeting Dirgo, Wesley quietly makes a rude comment to Geordi on Dirgo calling himself a Captain -- though he holds no formal rank and commands only a mining shuttle. Dirgo makes it clear he heard it and says the ship has over 10,000 hours of flight recorded and means a lot to him and his people. Shortly after their departure, the Enterprise receives a distress signal from Gamelan V – they are receiving critical levels of radiation from a "space barge" which is entering their atmosphere. The Enterprise speeds off under Riker's command to assist.

Tre naufraghi...

Meanwhile, Dirgo's shuttle suffers a mishap, and has to crash land on Lambda Paz, a desert moon of Pentarus III. Dirgo tells Picard that since the mining shuttle had very little space, he depended on the replicator for supplies, leaving them only with a medicine pouch. Picard decides they must leave towards a mountain to find shelter, to which Dirgo objects to but then admits he has no better alternative. After leaving a directional marker on the floor so that a rescue party may find them, they start their walk. Dirgo is seen secretly drinking clear liquid from a bottle. During their hike, Wesley notes some strange energy readings in the direction of their travel. When finally in a cavern in the mountain, the bottle falls from Dirgo's jacket, and is revealed to be alcohol. Saying that it will serve better as a disinfectant or coolant, Picard takes the alcohol from him.

They find a section with an increased level of the energy readings, and investigating, the trio find a strange fountain of water in it. The fountain is protected by a force field, and attempts by Dirgo to fire at the field with his phaser unleashes a sentry energy weapon which knocks the weapon from his hand and encases it in a fibrous shell. In the commotion, a landslide begins over Wesley, but Picard pushes him out of the way, suffering a broken leg, fractured arm, and bleeding internally in the process. Weakened, Picard tells Wesley that he has to take charge, and deter Dirgo from any further rash attempts to breach the force field. But clearly, their need for water is greater than ever.

Dirgo runs out of patience, tries to convince Wesley to make another attempt to breach the force field. This attempt results in Dirgo being encased in the shell, and apparently dead. Wesley struggles to figure out a way to disable the force field, while keeping Picard conscious and comfortable. During some tense and emotional exchanges, Picard tells the boy that he envies him, "your adventures are just beginning." He urges Wesley to seek out Boothby, the "wisest man at the Academy." Wesley asks what he teaches, to which Picard answers, "He's the groundskeeper." Wesley confesses that everything he has done to succeed on the Enterprise has been to make Picard proud of him.

In the Gamelan system, the Enterprise manages to slingshot the leaking barge directly into Gamelan's sun by tractoring it through an asteroid belt, narrowly avoiding lethal radiation exposure to the crew in the process. They rush back to the Pentarus system to participate in the search for the now overdue shuttle. They begin with the class M moons of Pentarus III, which have not yet been searched.

The mining shuttle Nenebek

On the moon, Wesley jury rigs his combadge and tricorder to interfere and possibly disable the energy sentry. He succeeds and disables the force field around the fountain. He brings water to Picard in one of the shuttle's survival kit cases.

Wesley is woken some time later by his mother, who informs him that Picard is all right and his vital signs are stabilized. As Picard is carried out on a stretcher, he grabs Wesley's hand and confesses, "You will be missed."

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Background Information

  • This episode was previously titled "Turnabout".
  • Wesley references his prior shuttle trip with Picard in "Samaritan Snare".
  • This episode marks Wesley Crusher's final regular appearance on TNG. He later appeared in the episodes "The Game", "The First Duty", "Parallels" (in an alternate timeline) and "Journey's End".
  • Nick Tate later plays Liam Bilby in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Honor Among Thieves".
  • Before beginning their trek to the mountains, Dirgo distributes some phasers he scavenged from his damaged shuttle. The props used are Starfleet phaser pistols circa 2285, from Star Trek III: Alla ricerca di Spock, which would make sense since Dirgo operated his shuttle with old and outdated equipment.
  • The groundskeeper for the Starfleet Academy, Boothby, is mentioned for the first time. He would later appear in several TNG and VOY episodes.

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Guest Stars

  • Nick Tate as Dirgo
  • Kim Hamilton as Songi
  • Mary Kohnert as Tess Allenby

Uncredited Co-Stars

  • Michael Braveheart as Martinez
  • Tracee Lee Cocco as Jae


Alcohol; asteroid; Auprès de ma Blonde, Boothby; Captain; Celsius; Chairman; class M; construction module; deflector; dehydration; deuterium; dresci; duranium; ermanium; Federation law; fission reactor; force field; frequency; fusion generator; Gamelan V; Gamelan sun; Gamelan system; garbage scow; guidance coupling; hertz; hyronalin; Lambda Paz; lava; Mach; magnetic field; main shuttlebay ; maneuvering thruster; Medical Unit One; Meltasion Asteroid Belt; millirad; mining shuttle; Nenebek; Pentarus II; Pentarus III; Pentarus V; Pentarus station; Pentarus system; radiation; radiation exposure protocol; Regalian; replicator; salenite; selenium; sentry; shearing force; sonodamite; Starbase 515; Starfleet Academy; tricorder; ventilation system; volcano; water

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"Futuro imperfetto"
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Stagione 4
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"La perdita"