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Star Trek Into Darkness
Data di rilascio: 17 Maggio 2013
12° di 11 Film di Star Trek  
728esimo di 756 rilasciati in tutto  
Scritto da
Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof

Diretto da
J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
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Star Trek Into Darkness (anche noto come Star Trek XII) è il seguito del film Star Trek del 2009. Il team creativo diretto da J.J. Abrams, con gli autori Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman e Damon Lindelof, e prodotti da Bryan Burk della Bad Robot Productions ritorneranno. [1] Il sequel attualmente è programmato per il rilascio il prossimo 17 maggio 2013 e sarà il primo film di Star Trek rilasciato in 3D. [2]


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Spock in Volcano Suit, silhouette

La prima immagine rilasciata

Abrams disse che se avesse fatto un sequel, "avrebbe avuto un sottotitolo anziché un numero." [3] Verso la fine dell'commentario audio di Star Trek, qualcuno scherzando si riferisce al sequel definendolo Pineapple, "ananas", dal cognome del protagonista Chris Pine. Nel 2012, gli autori non avevano ancora deciso per un titolo. Lindelof commentò così: Star Trek 2 diventò Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, e non conteneva i "due punti" nel titolo. "Non che Star Trek: Insurrezione or Primo Contatto non fossero titoli buoni, è solo che ogni cosa che viene fuori con l'appellativo Trek viene rappresentato con i due punti." [4] Durante la produzione, il film è stato designato in codice con il titolo Project HH. [5]

Il 7 settembre 2012, è stato annunciato che un titolo era finalmente stato scelto per il sequel. [6] In seguito lo stesso giorno, il titolo risuonava tra le indiscrezioni poi confermate con Star Trek Into Darkness ("nell'oscurità" N.d.T.). [7] [8]


Kurtzman commented, "Sequels are about the bad guy. [...] In a second movie, the reason the bad guy is so important is because he tests them. And that is always the joy of the best sequels." [9] He added Kirk has "never sent men and women to their deaths before, so what's going to happen when that kind of question comes up for him?" [10] Chris Pine said that "I'd say the threat is even greater in this one. The force [the crew] are met with is much more frightening." [11]

At the 2011 Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival, Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindelof confirmed the film would acknowledge the "ripple effect" of Vulcan's destruction. They said between films the crew would've had a few more adventures, but they are still not fully familiar with each other. [12]

Mike Johnson, writer of the Star Trek comic book said the first, fourth and twelfth issues contained hints of events in the film. "They are more retroactive, in the sense that after you see the movie you can go back and see where things were set up. Some are very direct; others are more thematic." [13] [14]


All of the major actors in the first film – namely, those portraying the core crew members of the USS Enterprise (John Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin) – will return. [15] Bruce Greenwood will also return as Admiral Christopher Pike. [16]

On November 4, 2011, Variety reported that Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro (Traffic, Che) would be offered the role of the villain in the sequel. [17] Latino Review reported that Del Toro would play Khan Noonien Singh, a report which Abrams said was "not true." [18] Soon thereafter, it was revealed that del Toro's deal fell through and that he would not be appearing in the film. [19] Edgar Ramirez and Jordi Molla were named as possible replacements,[20] but on January 4, 2012, Variety announced Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing the villain. [21]

On November 30, 2011, it was announced that Alice Eve had been selected for a lead role in the film. [22] On December 5, Peter Weller was announced as having joined the cast in an unknown role. [23] Weller previously played John Frederick Paxton on Star Trek: Enterprise. Weller hinted his character was Human and added "I have my own ship." [24] On January 4, 2012, Variety reported British actor Noel Clarke will be joining the cast as a family man with a wife and young daughter. [25] Two days later, Entertainment Weekly announced that Nazneen Contractor will be playing the wife of Clarke's character.

On April 30, 2012, it was reported that Cumberbatch's role in the film is that of Khan Noonien Singh, [26] [27] but Simon Pegg shot down this report, calling it "a myth." [28] Karl Urban stated "He's awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary." [29] He later said, though, that "I did that interview after a 22-hour flight from New Zealand. I literally hopped off the plane into the interview." [30] Orci reiterated Urban's latter statement, while confirming Cumberbatch and Eve's characters had appeared in Star Trek canon. [31] When interviewed himself, Cumberbatch continued the secrecy by merely pointing to a promotional image and stating he played "that person there." (The One Show BBC One, broadcast 24th August, 2012)

Leonard Nimoy has stated that he did not expect to return as the original Spock in this movie, [32] but, alongside the Khan report, it was claimed that he would indeed be returning for the sequel. [33] [34]

With the announcement of the sequel, fans once again began a campaign to bring Christopher Doohan back to the Enterprise, stating that the Enterprise needs a Doohan. [35]

Michael Dorn was contacted for a role during the start of filming, and was asked to play "an officer – a soldier." Eventually it was decided that "they didn’t want to mix the old with the new": Dorn had played Worf and his grandfather in the previous films and television series. [36]

A Nightmare on Elm Street actress Heather Langenkamp commented "I had the opportunity to play a small part in Star Trek," adding "My husband [David LeRoy Anderson] and I worked on the makeup effects for Star Trek", although she did not specify she would be appearing in the film as well. [37]


The sequel's development was announced on March 30, 2009, over a month before the first film was released. Writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof were aiming to deliver the script to Paramount by December 2009 for a possible summer 2011 release, but the release changed to 2012 as no script had been written when that initial target neared. [38] [39] Orci attributed the initial delay to other projects they wanted to do; then deciding if the initial story they thought of was the best one; and the "scary" notion of a new timeline where they had absolute freedom. "Since we freed it from the original timeline we had narrative freedom, which is sometimes worse. Absolute freedom is sometimes scarier than what you have to do," he said. [40]

Lindelof said the jumping off point for the story was deciding whether Khan Noonien Singh would be the villain, and they weighed the pros and cons of him appearing. [41] Abrams felt "It'll be fun to hear what Alex and Bob are thinking about Khan. The fun of this timeline is arguing that different stories, with the same characters, could be equally if not more compelling than what's been told before. [...] Certain people are destined to cross paths and come together, and Khan is out there... even if he doesn't have the same issues." [42]

Abrams and Orci told the Los Angeles Times they heard that fans would like modern, relevant issues to be explored in the sequel. [43] At the Blu-ray/DVD launch for Star Trek, Lindelof indicated some of the film may be set during the time frame of the previous film, which was from 2233 to 2258. Orci told Anthony Pascale he was looking at novels by Arthur C. Clarke or Larry Niven - such as The Mote in God's Eye, in a reply made on Pascale's forum - for inspiration. He also rewatched the original episodes, examining how they would unfold in the alternate reality, [44] and looked for Star Trek novels he hadn't read yet for further inspiration. [45]

In February 2011, Orci and Lindelof announced they were in the process of writing the script for the the film and had relocated themselves to a hotel room for five weeks in order to better do it without any distractions. They also asked for fan input on what the general consensus is for the "proper" name of the main deflector dish that has been an integral part of starship design throughout Star Trek. [46] Orci indicated that filming would begin in fall 2011. He added the film would build on the previous one, but it still had to attract new fans and stand by itself without relying on its predecessor. [47]

The film's pre-production or "prep" began in April 2011, based on a detailed seventy-page outline of the story. Orci stated they were awaiting Abrams' approval on a completed script, as he was preoccupied with completing Super 8. [48] After that film's release, Abrams estimated that making Super 8 had put the Star Trek sequel "probably six months behind". [49] Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindelof added that while Abrams could begin filming that September and have the film out the following June as he did on Super 8, ultimately it may not be best for the film, as Star Trek would naturally require more intensive post-production. [50] After the release of Super 8, it was announced Abrams would direct in September 2011. [51]


On November 23, 2011, it was reported that the sequel will be shot in 3D for a 17 May 2013 release. [52] Abrams later clarified the film will be shot in 2D and converted into 3D during post-production. [53] It will be the first official 3D Star Trek production. Abrams was convinced to convert the film in 3D after watching converted footage of the scene in Star Trek where the USS Enterprise arrives at Vulcan. After shooting each scene, Abrams did a pass with a 3D camera which replicated the original camera moves, to help the conversion process. [54]

TrekMovie reported that shooting of the sequel started on January 12, 2012. Due to the permanent sets of NCIS: Los Angeles on Paramount Stage 8 and 9 the production will also be filming at the Sony Studios in Culver City. The larger soundstages enabled the filmmakers to build interconnected interiors for the Enterprise, similar to the original TV show. [55] It also appeared that Hawaii was not chosen for "jungle scenes" but a location in Southern California. [56] Paramount officially announced the start of principal photography on 14 January 2012. [57] Other filming locations will include Budweiser Brewery, Dodger Stadium, Long Beach City Hall, MCAS Tustin, and the Vasquez Rocks. [58]

On Thursday 2 February 2012 and Tuesday 7 February 2012, Headquarters Casting, owned by Carla Lewis, sought background talents for the Trek sequel. According to the casting note they were searching for "attractive / refined / upscale or exotic talent ages 35-55 who are well postured / athletic to thin. Men should be in good shape, ladies must not be overly busty or curvy. The wardrobe is fitted so we need performers who are in great shape and/or on the thin side. Seeking a wide array of different ethnicities for this group, including ethnically ambiguous talent. The work date(s) are TBD, but could be numerous depending on the scene you are selected for. Would require at least one wardrobe fitting. We are submitting additional photos and the photos MUST be current and representative of how you look NOW. Some of the spots that will be picture picked will be quite featured. This is background work and we are seeking both SAG & Non-Union talent. It's possible that non-union performers may need to work SAG (depending on the work day(s) they are ultimately fit for and the number of performers working that day.)". The open call was held at 3108 W. Magnolia Bl., Burbank CA 91505. [59]

In the final week of January 2012, NASA astronaut and engineer Gregory Chamitoff visited the set of the Star Trek sequel. Following the appearance of several images from the filming, [60] a short video clip also appeared on the web showing a fight scene between Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch. [61] [62] More pictures from behind the scenes appeared on the web showing Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine. [63] [64] In addition, OnLocationVacations confirmed the filming location of the previously seen images. The large green screen and the fighting scenes were filmed in Marina del Rey, California, along Jefferson Blvd. and near Grosvenor Blvd. on 23 February 2012. [65]

On 16 April 2012 a new photo from the filming went online showing Zachary Quinto in a Starfleet space suit on a wire in front of a green screen. According to the description from On Location News a volcano is somehow involved. [66] On 17 April 2012 Go for Location reported that the Star Trek sequel is filming exterior and interior scenes all week in Downtown Los Angeles, especially Bunker Hill and the historic core areas [67] [68] and at Flower and Olympic. [69] They're also filming on multiple units at Raleigh Studios PlayaVista lot. [70] On Friday, 20 April 2012 production filmed at 710 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (7:00 am – 10:00 pm). [71]

On 21 April 2012 the cast and crew filmed scenes at 710 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles (4/21 - 4/22/2012, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm), 650 S. Spring St. (4/21/2012, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm), in the Grand Ave. Crosswalk, between Cal Plaza and Wells Fargo Plaza (4/21 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM) 350 S. Grand Ave. (4/21 6:00 am – 10:00 pm), 333 S. Grand Ave. (4/21/2012 6:00 am – 10:00 pm), 523 W. 6th St. (4/21, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm). Base camp is set up at Grand and 8th Ave. [72]

Several photos from the set in Marina del Rey, California appeared on the web showing red prop trees which were used for the surface of a red planet and a storm scene. According to a crewmember the production will wrap in Los Angeles this week and heading to the San Francisco area for the final week of filming. According to On Location Vacations there was a radio casting call in San Francisco for a big motion picture and shooting will start on 1 May 2012. [73] Just a few days later, On Location Vacations reported that an anonymous source reported about a location filming at National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California prior to the filming in San Francisco. [74] [75] They will also film in Pleasanton. [76]

Pegg and Quinto tweeted that filming wrapped on May 8, 2012. [77] Afterwards, second unit filming began in Iceland for visual effects shots. Abrams previously considered filming Delta Vega exterior sequences in Iceland for the previous film: this marks the first time a Star Trek film has shot outside the United States. [78]

At the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, Roberto Orci hinted at changes to the Enterprise design and the opening credits. [79] He commented upon commencement of filming that the engineering designs have been altered. [80] Designer Neville Page has said if there were Klingons, he would have to explore a rationale for their appearance such as their long hair, and give their species a varied appearance, perhaps with different races. [81] Michael Giacchino confirmed he will return to compose the film's music score. [82] Industrial Light & Magic began working on visual effects in November 2011, starting with shots of outer space that would not require live-action elements. [83] In an October 2012 interview on the talk show Conan, Abrams stated that the film is still in the editing process, and debuted a three-frame clip of Spock in a volcano. [84]


IDW Publishing have solicited a four-issue prequel comic book to the film titled Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness. Like the previous film's comic book prequel, Star Trek: Countdown, it will be written by Mike Johnson and have artwork by David Messina.

Hasbro will release toys, including Kre-O models, to promote the film.

A video game, Star Trek, will be released before the film. Its story and development cycle was independent of the films, but its release was delayed to promote the second film.

Alan Dean Foster will write the novelization of the film. [85]

J.J. Abrams responded to Harry Knowles of on 25 October, to say that the first trailer for the film should be released before the end of 2012. [86]

Link e riferimenti[]


  • Chris Pine as James T. Kirk
  • Zachary Quinto as Spock
  • Zoë Saldana as Nyota Uhura
  • Karl Urban as Leonard McCoy
  • John Cho as Hikaru Sulu
  • Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov
  • Simon Pegg as Montgomery Scott
  • Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike
  • Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Alice Eve
  • Peter Weller
  • Noel Clarke
  • Nazneen Contractor
  • Joseph Gatt
  • Marco Sanchez
  • Usman Ally
  • Noah Arrue as visitor
  • Anjini Taneja Azhar as young daughter
  • Melissa Baldridge as deck crew
  • Susana Basanty
  • Ser'Darius Blain as soldier
  • Jon Lee Brody
  • Mitch Clark as Nibrian
  • Katie Cockrell as sexy girl #1
  • Kellie Cockrell as sexy girl #2
  • Geryh Hurricane Curtis
  • Andy Demetrio as observation deck crew #6
  • Ningning Deng as deck crew #11
  • Gerald Donaldson as admiral
  • Jaycie Dotin as shuttle crew
  • LaRaine Fisher as Chelsea civilian
  • Jonathon Grant
  • Elly Kaye as Starfleet officer
  • Germany Kent as Starfleet officer - captain
  • Shaun Kyser as security guard
  • Heather Langenkamp
  • Peet Montzingo as bar patron #2
  • Chris Morris
  • Morocco Nevlin as civilian
  • Brendan Norman as engineer
  • Nolan North
  • Salomon Passariello as medical technician
  • Lee Reherman
  • Tristin Rupp
  • Jason Matthew Smith as "Cupcake"
  • Michael T. Stewart as Starfleet officer
  • Nora Sullivan as bridge crew science officer
  • Vijay Suzuki as red shirt/mechanic
  • Nick Tarabay
  • Xavier Truesdell as Enterprise security officer
  • Ali Williams

Stunt performers[]

  • John Stoneham, Jr. - Stunt Coordinator
  • Sala Baker - stunts
  • Ilram Choi - stunts
  • Brian Christensen - stunts
  • Doug Coleman - stunts
  • Eugene Collier - stunts
  • Max Daniels - stunts
  • Eddie Davenport - stunts
  • Mark DeAlessandro - stunt actor: Frantic Pedestrian
  • Martin De Boer - stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Kevin Derr - stunts
  • Thomas Dewier - stunts
  • Brennan Dyson - stunts
  • Katie Eischen - utility stunts
  • Marie Fink - stunt double
  • Mark Ginther - stunt rigger/utility stunts
  • Trevor Habberstad - stunt double: Chris Pine
  • Jessica Harbeck - stunts
  • Zedric Harris - stunts
  • Matthew S. Kennedy - stunts
  • Bethany Levy - stunt double: Zoe Saldana
  • Cheryl Lewis - stunts
  • Brian Machleit - stunts
  • Tara Macken - stunts
  • Mike Massa - stunt double: Chris Pine
  • Cassandra McCormick - stunt double: Alice Eve and utility stunts
  • Rene Mousseux - stunts
  • Caryn Mower - stunts
  • Kevin Reid - stunt double: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Simon Rhee - stunts
  • Tracey Ruggiero - stunt actress
  • Courtney Schwartz - stunts
  • Ray Siegle - stunts
  • Paul Sklar - stunt double: Peter Weller
  • Daniel Stevens - stunt double: Zachary Quinto
  • Frank Torres - stunt rigger
  • April Weeden Washington - stunts
  • Marcus Young - Fight Coordinator
  • Omid Zader - stunt actor: Meter Maid


  • James Henderson - stand-in for Chris Pine
  • Jessica Hickam
  • Linden King
  • Chris Morris
  • Michael T. Stewart - stand-in for Zachary Quinto


  • Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
  • Alex Kurtzman - Screenplay / Producer
  • Damon Lindelof - Screenplay / Producer
  • Roberto Orci - Screenplay / Producer
  • J.J. Abrams - Producer / Director
  • Bryan Burk - Producer
  • Ben Rosenblatt - Producer
  • Jeffrey Chernov - Executive Producer
  • David Ellison - Executive Producer
  • Dana Goldberg - Executive Producer
  • Paul Schwake - Executive Producer
  • David Baronoff - Associate Producer
  • Dan Mindel - Cinematographer
  • Scott Chambliss - Production Designer
  • Maryann Brandon - Editor
  • Mary Jo Markey - Editor
  • Michael Kaplan - Costume Designer
  • Michael Giacchino - Composer
  • April Webster - Casting Director, CSA
  • Alyssa Weisberg - Casting Director
  • Carla Lewis - Extras Casting
  • Tommy Gormley - First Assistant Director
  • Andrew Stahl - Additional Second Assistant Director
  • Ramsey Avery - Supervising Art Director
  • Easton Michael Smith - Senior Set Designer
  • Kevin Cross - Set Designer
  • Tex Kadonaga - Set Designer
  • Raj Rihal - Concept Illustrator
  • Christopher S. Ross - Conceptual Illustrator
  • Ryan Church - Concept Designer
  • Phillip Boutte, Jr. - Conceptual Designer
  • Maury Ruiz - Concept Artist
  • James Clyne - Art Director
  • Harry E. Otto - Art Director
  • Jason Baldwin Stewart - Art Director
  • Keith Christensen - Costume Concept Artist
  • Jonathan Burdeshaw - Sculptor
  • David LeRoy Anderson - Head of Makeup Department; Special FX Makeup Artist
  • Dave Snyder - Makeup Artist
  • Jeanne Van Phue - Makeup Artist
  • Brian Sipe - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Eryn Krueger Mekash - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Don Rutherford - Makeup Artist/Background Makeup Supervisor
  • Clark Kelly - Sculptor
  • Karl J. Martin - Set Designer
  • Anne Porter - Set Designer
  • Scott Schneider - Senior Set Designer
  • Ken Palkow - Prop Fabricator
  • Becky Brake - Supervising Location Manager
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  • Scott Trimble - Location Scout
  • Michael Kehoe - Craft Service
  • Jessica F. Sherman - Casting Assistant
  • Martin Allan Kloner - Visual Effects Editor
  • Shawn D. Bronson - Art Department Assistant
  • Carina Berlin - 2nd Unit Art Department Assistant
  • George J. Hrico - Production Secretary
  • Jason W. Mesias - Production Assistant
  • John Dutcher - Production Assistant
  • Gabe de Kelaita - Set Production Assistant
  • Bess Johnson - Camera Production Assistant
  • Brian Runnels - Office Production Assistant
  • Samantha Hatch - Additional Set Production Assistant
  • Michael Ambrose - Second Unit Gaffer
  • Jaimie Trueblood - Still Photographer
  • Clark James - Custom Electronics
  • Jean-Denis Haas - Lead Animator: ILM
Unconfirmed cast
  • Kraisit Agnew as Nikicha Tomser
  • Tom Archdeacon as Ensign Spyke
  • Beau Billingslea as Captain Abbott
  • Jonathan Dixon as Weapons Officer Neville
  • Britanni Johnson as NYU nurse
  • Mike Kalinowski as Starfleet officer
  • Hina Khan as cadet
  • Ariel D. King as Starfleet civilian
  • Kasia Kowalczyk as Grasia alien
  • Brent McGee as Enterprise crew engineer
  • Westley Nguyen as civilian
  • Joel Shock as security officer
  • Gianna Simone as deck crew #7
  • Kyle Valle as Starfleet civilian
Unconfirmed stunt performers
  • John Ashker - stunts
  • Brian Avery - stunt double: Simon Pegg
  • Krista Bell - stunts
  • Chris Brewster - stunt double: Anton Yelchin
  • Richard Cetrone - stunts
  • Tim Connolly - stunt double: Karl Urban
  • George Cottle - stunts
  • Brycen Counts - stunts
  • Jahnel Curfman - stunts
  • Steve DeCastro - stunts
  • Cory DeMeyers - stunts
  • Shauna Duggins - stunts
  • Wade Eastwood - stunts
  • Robert C. Escobar - stunts
  • Ryan Gray - utility stunts
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  • Antal Kalik - stunts
  • Zero Kazama - stunts
  • Bobby C. King - stunts
  • Henry Kingi, Jr. - stunts
  • Hiro Koda - stunts
  • Dave Lane - stunt rigger
  • Malosi Leonard - stunts
  • Kurt D. Lott - stunts
  • Curtis Lyons - stunts
  • Tom McComas - stunts
  • Mike Mukatis - stunts
  • Eric Norris - stunts
  • Lin Oeding - stunts
  • J.J. Perry - stunts
  • Peewee Piemonte - utility stunts
  • Denney Pierce - stunts
  • Mark Rayner - stunts
  • Rex Reddick - stunts
  • Larry Rippenkroeger - stunts
  • Jimmy N. Roberts - stunts
  • Todd Schneider - stunts
  • Monty L. Simons - stunt rigger
  • Brian Simpson - stunts
  • Caine Sinclair - stunts
  • Aaron Toney - stunts
  • Steve Upton - stunt rigger
  • Cord Walker - utility stunts
  • Nico Woulard - stunts
Unconfirmed stand-ins
  • Ryan Babbs - stand-in for Simon Pegg
  • Caleb Grant - stand-in for Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Brandon Stacy - stand-in and photo double for Zachary Quinto
  • Wilson Wang - stand-in for John Cho
Unconfirmed crew
  • Chris Adams - Special Effects Toolman
  • William Aldridge - Special Effects Second Pyrotechnic Foreman
  • Bradley Alexander - Previsualization Supervisor: Halon Entertainment
  • Anthony Almaraz - Set Costumer
  • Tom Altobello - Property Assistant
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  • Chris Basso - Generator Operator / Driver, Production Van Operator
  • Ted Basso - Production Van Driver Operator
  • Daniel Baxter - Production Assistant
  • Harald Belker - Concept Designer
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  • Kelly Berthold - Additional Production Assistant
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  • Andrew Ewert - Visual Effects Production Assistant: ILM
  • Blake Fabian - Digital Asset Manager
  • Kevin Fahey - Rigging Key Grip
  • Heidi Falconer - Unit Publicist
  • Kasra Farahani - Art Director
  • Susana Inés Fattorini - Location Accountant
  • Robert Fechtman - Set Designer
  • Francesco Ferrara - Painter
  • Giovanni Ferrara - Paint Foreman
  • Claire Finbow - Assistant to Simon Pegg
  • Chela Fiorini - Assistant Property Master
  • Aaron C. Fitzgerald - Second Unit Second Second Assistant Director
  • Cliff Fleming - Helicopter Pilot
  • Cory Fleming - Aerial Ground Coordinator
  • Andy Flores - Standby Painter
  • Ann Foley - Assistant Costume Designer
  • Clayton Fowler - Grip
  • Elizabeth Frank - Set Costumer
  • Josh Friz - 2nd Unit Second Assistant Camera Operator
  • Jeff Frost - Concept Model Maker
  • Chris Furia - Production Controller
  • Doug Gagan - Special Effects Technician
  • Patrick Gané - Visual Effects: Modeling and Texturing
  • Rick Gamez - Prop Fabricator
  • Mike Gerzevitz - Electrician: Fixtures
  • Charley Gilleran - Key Grip
  • Dawn Gilliam - Script Supervisor
  • Betsy Glick - Costumer
  • Peter Gluck - Key Assistant Location Manager
  • Michael E. Goldman - Art Director
  • Matt Goldstein - Splinter Unit Set Production Assistant
  • Ronald D. Goldstein - Special Effects Technician
  • Matthew Gowan - Production Assistant
  • Connie Grayson - Contact Lens Technician / Wig Maker
  • Renee Greathouse - Production Assistant
  • Jeff Grebe - FX Technical Director: ILM
  • David Greene - Special Effects Shop Foreman
  • Jerry Gregoricka - Rigging Electrician
  • Ashley Gressen - Additional Production Assistant
  • Peter N. Griffith - Property Assistant
  • Matt Grimm - Assistant to Dana Goldberg
  • Quinn Grove - Rigging Grip
  • Tommy Harper - Unit Production Manager / Co-Producer
  • Melissa Harrison - Property Coordinator
  • Jeffrey J. Hart - Additional Set Production Assistant
  • David Heffler - Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Kelly Valentine Hendry - Casting Search
  • James F. Henry - Special Effects Foreman
  • Mila Hermanovski - Costume Buyer
  • Daniel A. Hernandez - Video Assist
  • Michael Hird - Medic
  • Emily Hoang - Costume Assistant
  • Patrick Hoeschen - Lighting Technician
  • Bruce Holcomb - Digital Model Supervisor
  • Matt Hopkins - Prop Fabricator
  • Craig Hosking - Aerial Coordinator / Pilot
  • Ruth Hossie - Head Cutter
  • Kevin Houlihan - Key Art Assistant
  • Aaron Jackson - Art Department Assistant
  • Ryan Jacoby - Mold Shop
  • Victor Jenkins - Casting Search
  • Derek A. Johnson - Visual Effects Production Assistant: ILM
  • Chris Jones - Special Effects Second Rigging Foreman
  • Cindy Jones - Department Head: Computer Graphics
  • Nick Jordan - Cast and Travel Coordinator
  • Jordan C. Kadovitz - Computer Video Playback: Rigger
  • David Karp - Assistant to Jeffrey Chernov
  • Jamie Kehoe - Craft Service Assistant
  • Pete Kelley - Special Effects Technician
  • Jamie Kelman - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Rolf John Keppler - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Jane Kilkenny - Prop Shop Gang Boss: Laser Tech
  • Christian Labarta - Splinter Unit Set Production Assistant
  • David Ladish - Set Dresser
  • Stacia Lang - Key Specialty Costumer
  • Yann Larochette - Senior Compositor: ILM
  • Chris Larsen - Set Dresser
  • Daniel Lawson - Production Assistant
  • Tammy S. Lee - Set Designer
  • Talia Leone - Assistant Accountant
  • Rock LeRoy - Transportation Captain
  • Damon Liebowitz - Fixtures Technician
  • Dawn Y. Line - Key Costumer
  • Veronica Lorenz - Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • George Lozano, Jr. - Fixtures Technician
  • Michael Lyon - Fixtures Best Boy
  • Joe Macaluso - 2nd Unit Key Grip
  • Ali Magee - Makeup Department PA
  • Michael C. Magno - Set Dresser
  • Jason Mahakian - Concept Model Maker
  • Lee Philip Malin - Confidentiality Administrator
  • Karen Manthey - Set Decorator
  • Chulev Marko - Modeler / Texture Artist: ILM
  • Jeff Markwith - Set Designer
  • Victor James Martinez - Concept Artist
  • Natalie Masciale - Assistant: Paul Schwake
  • Mary L. Mastro - Hair Department Head
  • Lori Maxwell - Transportation Dispatcher
  • Richard F. Mays - Digital Set Designer
  • Merdyce McClaran - On Set Dresser
  • Bruce McCleery - 2nd Unit Director of Photography
  • Kathy McCurdy - Key Assistant Location Manager
  • BJ McDonnell - 2nd Unit Additional Camera Operator
  • Christian McWilliams - Location Scout
  • Jackie Medel - Production Assistant
  • Vanessa Meier - Splinter Unit Script Supervisor
  • Mike Mekash - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Mariscela Beatriz Mendez - 2nd Unit Lighting Technician
  • Jaime Mengual - Electronic Prop Assistant
  • Steven Messing - Concept Designer
  • Becca Miller - Specialty Costumer
  • Ed Mirassou - Prop Maker
  • Bart Mixon - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Sidhartha Mohanty - Production Assistant
  • Jacki Moonves - 2nd Unit Camera Production Assistant
  • Daniel P. Moore - Video Operator
  • Joey Moran - Rigging Electrician
  • Erich A. Muller - Costumer
  • Dan Murbarger - 24 Frame Video/Computer Engineer
  • Andrew Murdock - Art Director
  • Daniel P. Murphy - Construction Metal Fabricator
  • Dale Myrand - 2nd Unit "B" Camera Operator
  • Irina Naydichev - Payroll Accountant
  • Christopher Allen Nelson - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Nino Neuboeck - Second Unit First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Serge Nofield - First Assistant Camera Operator "A" Camera
  • Timothy Oakley - Prop Fabricator
  • Grant Olin - Previs Artist
  • Kevin O'Neil - Second Second Assistant Director
  • Nick Ostrovsky - Rigging Electrician
  • Christina Otteson - Assistant Location Manager
  • Sam Page - Set Designer
  • Alexander Panov - Art Department
  • Jessica Parks - Post Production Coordinator
  • Phil Pastuhov - Aerial Director of Photography
  • Deborah Patino Rutherford - Key Makeup Artist
  • Lucas Paul - Set Production Assistant
  • Michele Payne - Hair Stylist
  • Morton Petersen - Lighting Technician
  • Arnold Peterson - Special Effects Electronic Engineer
  • Ryan J. Pezdirc - Set Production Assistant
  • David Pinkus - Second Assistant Director: Aerial Unit UK
  • Steven Porch - Specialty Costumer
  • Christopher Prampin - Gaffer
  • Roger Prater - Greens Gang Boss
  • Lauren Pratto - Costumer
  • Margaret Prentice - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • David Pritchard - Previs Artist
  • Edward J. Protiva - Set Dresser
  • Eric Ramirez - Art Department Gang Boss
  • Charlotte Rapak - 2nd Unit Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Janine Rath - Key Hair Stylist
  • David Raymond - Boom Operator
  • Wajid Raza - Assistant Technical Director: ILM
  • Brad Rea - Dolly Grip: "A" Camera
  • Andrew Reeder - Set Designer
  • Matt Reitsma - Key Textile Artist
  • Adam Rejwan - Set Production Assistant
  • Michelle Rejwan - Associate Producer
  • Gintar Repecka - Special Effects Set Foreman
  • Todd Rex - Set Sculptor
  • Benoit Richard - Lighting Console Programmer
  • Aaron Richards - Set Lighting Fixtures Technician
  • Bruce Richter - Construction Carpenter
  • Ailene Roberts - Editorial Production Assistant
  • Josue Rodriguez - Assistant Property Master
  • Lisa Dawn Rogolsky - Rotoscope Artist
  • Kiersten Ronning - Costume Buyer
  • Jared Rosen - Video/Computer Operative Supervisor
  • Michael Roundy - Special Effects Technician
  • Ryan Roundy - Special Effects Office Supervisor
  • Joel A. Ruiz - Rigging Electrician
  • Shaun Russell - Sculptor
  • Matt Ryan - Set Production Assistant
  • Chris Samp - Set Painter Gang Boss
  • Jenny Sandell - Production Coordinator
  • Clint Schultz - Lead Graphic Designer
  • J.D. Schwalm - Special Effects Splinter Unit Foreman
  • Constantine Sekeris - Conceptual Designer
  • Anna Seltzer - Costume Assistant
  • Amanda Moss Serino - Assistant Set Decorator
  • Julie Shack - Set Costumer
  • Emmanuel Shiu - Concept Designer
  • Jason Shupe - Flying Camera Operator
  • Andrew M. Siegel - Property Master
  • Isaac A. Silva - Model Maker Gangboss
  • Erica L. Silverman - Casting Associate
  • Anthony Simonaitis - Special Effects Pyrotechnic Foreman
  • Tim Simonec - Conductor
  • Dane Allan Smith - Visual Effects Producer 3D Scanning: Giant Studios
  • Chris Snyder - Construction Coordinator
  • Sarah Snyder - Construction PA
  • Scott Solan - Utility Sound
  • Robert Stambler - Assistant Editor
  • Ivory Stanton - Textile Artist
  • Jennifer Starzyk - Costumer
  • Joe Steel - Digital Imaging Technician: Aerial Unit UK
  • Mo Stemen - Second Unit Assistant Office Production Coordinator
  • Roxanne Stephens - Second Unit Loader
  • Gene Strange - Production Accountant
  • George Streicher - Post-Production Assistant
  • Brent Studler - Electrician
  • Frederick George Stuhrberg - 3D scanning
  • Rob Swenson - Key Assistant Location Manager
  • Srikalyan Tallapragada - Digital Artist
  • Tommy Tancharoen - Transportation Coordinator
  • Marc Tantin - Special Effects Technician
  • Chad Taylor - Digital Artist: ILM
  • Laurel Taylor - Specialty Costumer
  • Peter Taylor - Additional Video Assist
  • Michael Teixeira - Production Assistant
  • Joshua D. Thatcher - Lighting Console Programmer
  • Cameron Thorburn - Grip
  • Phyllis Thurber-Moffit - Lead Dyer
  • Kevin Tiesiera - Fixtures Technician
  • P.J. Tobyansen - Visual Effects Production Assistant
  • Blumes Tracy - Pyrotechnician
  • Bill Traetta - Specialty Costumer
  • Michael Anthony Travers - Second Unit Grip
  • Michael T. Travers - 2nd Unit Best Boy Grip
  • Kacy Treadway - Specialty Costumer
  • Corey Turner - Executive Stereographer
  • James W. Tyson - Costume Supervisor
  • Jason Vanover - Key Greensman
  • David Vegezzi - Interface Art Designer: "OOOii"
  • Mike Visencio - Set Lighting Fixtures Foreman
  • Michael Wahl - Dolly Grip: Second Unit
  • Dan Wallin - Music Score Engineer
  • Gillian Waterman - Costume Buyer
  • Hootly Weedn - Set Lighting Technician
  • Tom Whelpey - Transportation Captain
  • Booker White - Head of Music Preparation
  • Randall D. Wilkins - Set Designer
  • Reggie Wilson - Orchestra Contractor
  • Eric Winn - Craft Service Assistant
  • Jamie Wood - Lead Compositor: ILM
  • Leah Woodworth - Extras Casting Assistant
  • Brian Woronec - Fixtures Technician
  • Jane Wuu - Set Designer
  • David Wyman - Additional Sound Mixer
  • Christine Youngstrom - Art Department Coordinator
  • Paolo Joel Ziemba - Previsualization Artist: Halon Entertainment
  • Jerry Zigounakis - Previs Artist
Production companies
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Bad Robot
  • Skydance Productions
  • K/O Paper Products
  • Industrial Light & Magic - Special Effects
  • Giant Studios - 3D Scanning Special Effects Company
  • Headquarters Casting - Background Talent Casting
  • Digital Media Services - Digital marketing asset management
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment - Camera Dollies
  • BT Industrial Supply - Expendables
  • Direct Tools & Fasteners - Expendables
  • Movie Movers - Cast, Hair and Makeup Trailers
  • Avon Studio Transport - Vehicle Rentals
  • Dolby Laboratories - Sound Mix
  • Halon Entertainment - Previsualization Company
  • Monster Picture Crane - Stunt Rigging Crane
  • Road Rebel - Production Travel
  • Pictorvision - Eclipse Aerial Camera System
  • Hand Felted Shoes - Costume accessories [87]

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