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クリンゴン最高評議会総裁(Chancellor of the Klingon High Council)はクリンゴン帝国政府首班であり、クリンゴン最高評議会の指導者である。21世紀半ばにクリンゴン皇帝から指導者の座を引き継いだ。

 総裁はヤン・イスレスと呼ばれる剣の友愛団によって常時護衛されていることで知られている。(DS9:可変種の脅威 第二幕・後編[1]


  • モウガ
  • 無名の総裁2140年代後半~2153年
  • 無名の総裁2153年~)[2]
  • ムレック2150年代
  • ゴルコン2293年まで)
  • アゼトバー2293年~)[3]
  • クンペック2367年まで)
  • ガウロン2367年2375年
  • ウォーフ2375年就任直後に辞退)
  • マートク2375年~)[4]


  • Kitumba



  1. The concept of the Klingon Empire having a chancellor was introduced in スタートレック6:未知の世界 before being reused in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, as well as a singular reference in VOY: Flashback. In the script for Star Trek VI, the term is used interchangeably with president.
  2. While played by different actors, these unnamed chancellors had similar cranial ridges and hair. It is possible production crew intended for them to be the same person.|Additionally, it is possible that one (or both) of these Chancellors were M'Rek, since they were not addressed by name.
  3. Gorkon and Azetbur were, politically, the most influential Klingon figures depicted in the whole of Star Trek: The Original Series and the first six TOS-era films. (Star Trek Monthly issue 2, p. 16)
  4. Non-canon sources (novels The Art of the Impossible, Serpents Among the Ruins and Harbinger) list other chancellors such as Sturka, Kaarg, Ditagh, and Kravokh.|The computer game Star Trek Online depicts Martok being killed in 2393 by a councillor called J'mpok, who would then advance to take the position of chancellor.