クリンゴン第二帝政(Klingon Second Empire)とは、モウガ総裁に率いられたクリンゴン帝国の政治期区分のひとつである。

 モウガ総裁の治世中、ブリーン征服を目指し艦隊を派遣したが、その艦隊は二度と戻らなかったとされている。(DS9: 偽りの契り


The Klingon Second Empire is not associated with, nor should it be confused with, the Second Dynasty. It was presumably preceded by the Klingon First Empire, and Worf's use of the past tense when talking about it suggests that it was a different entity from the 24th century Klingon Empire.|Due to Chancellor Mow'ga's apparent authority, the Second Empire is likely set after the reign of the last Emperor ended in the mid-21st century.

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