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「Is that a new Constitution? I bet it can sleep a crew of a thousand! No, two thousand.」
– Joann Owosekun 3189年Die Trying

 コンスティチューション級(Constitution class)は31世紀以降に宇宙艦隊が運用した惑星連邦宇宙艦の艦級であった。


Federation starships before the Burn


In 3069, this class saw the loss of at least seven ships to The Burn. Ships with active warp cores were destroyed when their dilithium became inert, resulting in antimatter explosions. (DIS: 地球の人々

 3188年、コンスティチューション級の難破船がヒーマ軌道上に漂流していた。また、サヒルの通信ステーション周辺に同様の残骸があった。(DIS: 希望を信じる者・前編

In 3189, the fleet at Federation Headquarters included ships of this class. The collective energy of this fleet sustained a distortion field that concealed the headquarters' location. (DIS: Die Trying)

In 3190, various Constitution-class starships participated in the evacuation of United Earth when Earth was under siege from the Dark Matter Anomaly that was sent by Species 10-C. (DIS: Coming Home)

After United Earth was saved, several were seen in orbit over Earth when United Earth decided to rejoin the Federation. (DIS: Coming Home)


  • USSアームストロング (NCC-317856)
  • USSエクスカリバー (NCC-1664-M)
  • USSノーブル (NCC-325002)
  • 名称不明コンスティチューション級(31世紀)宇宙艦
  • USSジェインウェイ



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The Constitution-class was designed by Ryan Dening and his team. [1]

The Constitution-class name comes the updated second edition of Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future reference book that was released on 24年August月2021日, highlighting the class vessel USS Armstrong.

USS Armstrong was slated to receive its own outing in the British Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection partwork publication. A tooling master for the display model was in effect already produced, as had been the in-universe article as reproduced in the Shipyards reference book for the accompanying magazine, with regular production set to go. [2] The release came to naught however, due to the August 2022 bankruptcy of Collection (and reference book) publisher Eaglemoss Collections.


According to the Shipyards reference book, a 32nd century Constitution-class was 1,399.82m in length and could accommodate a crew of up to 2,000.

In Star Trek Online, this class was referred to as the Kirk-class.


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