バーリンホフ・ラスミュッセン(Berlinghoff Rasmussen)は22世紀地球ニュージャージー出身の発明家。この22世紀の間に彼は、26世紀タイム・ポッドを正当な持ち主から奪い、未来へのタイムトラベルに使った。彼の計画は、未来の技術を収集し、分解して研究し再作成を行って、自身の名声を得ようとした。






Rasmussen was played by actor Matt Frewer.

The character was originally written for Robin Williams, who opted out in order to play Peter Pan in the movie Hook. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, p. 186)

The script for "A Matter of Time" describes Rasmussen as "a kindly-looking human male in his late forties [...] wearing a drab, nondescript jump suit and a baggy 'lab' jacket" [ttp://]

非正史 編集

Rasmussen appears in the Pocket DS9 novel The Big Game, in which he is released from prison in 2369. He then travels to Deep Space 9, where he participates in a high stakes poker tournament held at Quark's. The novel also mentions that Rasmussen claims to have been on Titanias III during the early 2150s, where he met a Klingon who identified himself as being a member of the House of Duras.

In the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds short story Research, Berlinghoff had the foresight to hide blueprints for the time-travel pod prior to his journey, and is able to retrieve them and successfully rebuild it. He then travels back to the late-20th century, to the home of his ancestor, J. R. Rasmussen. Together, they travel back to 1964, where they relay information about the future to a television writer named Gene Roddenberry. Rasmussen dies sometime before 1999 in an auto accident, while driving to an appointment with producers at Paramount Pictures.


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