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 バーリンホフ・ラスミュッセン(Berlinghoff Rasmussen)は22世紀地球ニュージャージー出身の発明家。この22世紀の間に彼は、26世紀タイム・ポッドを正当な持ち主から奪い、未来へのタイムトラベルに使った。彼の計画は、未来の技術を収集し、分解して研究し再作成を行って、自身の名声を得ようとした。






Rasmussen was played by actor Matt Frewer.

The character was originally written for Robin Williams, who opted out in order to play Peter Pan in the movie Hook. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, p. 186)

The script for "A Matter of Time" describes Rasmussen as "a kindly-looking human male in his late forties [...] wearing a drab, nondescript jump suit and a baggy 'lab' jacket" [ttp://]


Rasmussen appears in the Pocket DS9 novel The Big Game, in which he is released from prison in 2369. He then travels to Deep Space 9, where he participates in a high stakes poker tournament held at Quark's. The novel also mentions that Rasmussen claims to have been on Titanias III during the early 2150s, where he met a Klingon who identified himself as being a member of the House of Duras.

In the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds short story Research, Berlinghoff had the foresight to hide blueprints for the time-travel pod prior to his journey, and is able to retrieve them and successfully rebuild it. He then travels back to the late-20th century, to the home of his ancestor, J. R. Rasmussen. Together, they travel back to 1964, where they relay information about the future to a television writer named Gene Roddenberry. Rasmussen dies sometime before 1999 in an auto accident, while driving to an appointment with producers at Paramount Pictures.