地球(Earth)は、ソル3号星(Sol III)、もしくはテラ(Terra)とも呼ばれるアルファ宇宙域ベータ宇宙域の境界線のアルファ宇宙域側に位置する太陽系の第3惑星である。と呼ばれる衛星が一つ存在する。
 2150年までには、それまでに存在していた各民族国家が地球連合政府の元で統一国家が樹立していた。また、2155年には惑星連合、その後2161年には惑星連邦の設立メンバーとなった。連邦大統領オフィス、連邦評議会及び宇宙艦隊本部宇宙艦隊アカデミーは地球に設置され、ドミニオン戦争時にはアンドールべレンガリア7号星及びヴァルカン同様に、惑星連邦の重要拠点に位置づけられていた。(劇場版スタートレックスタートレック4:故郷への長い道スタートレック6:未知の世界TNG:恐るべき陰謀TNG: 浮遊機械都市ボーグ・前編DS9:地球戒厳令・前編DS9: 地球戒厳令・後編DS9: プレゼント大作戦VOY:偽造された地球ENT:夢への旅立ちENT: 最終決戦ENT: ヒーローたちの帰還


 平均気温15度、気圧101.325kPa、平均密度5.515g/cm3である。(TOS:400才の少女TOS: 華麗なる変身TOS: もう一つの地球

天文データ 編集

位置 編集

Earth map


 太陽系での地球の位置及び軌道はいくつかの古代から現代の太陽系図表上で描かれてきた。また、銀河系の中での太陽系の位置は、いくつかの星図上で描かれている。(TOS:歪んだ楽園TOS: 超小型宇宙船ノーマッドの謎スタートレック2:カーンの逆襲スタートレック6:未知の世界TNG:恐るべき陰謀スタートレック:エンタープライズ









Earth 31st Century

Earth devastated in the 31st century

Earth was devastated in several alternate timelines. Accidental time travel from 2371 led to the premature death of Gabriel Bell in 2024, an altered future was created where the more inhumane wars of the 21st century left Earth a pre-warp civilization that never even expanded to the solar system. (DS9: Past Tense, Part IPast Tense, Part II)

When the temporal agent Daniels was instructed to remove Jonathan Archer from the timeline in 2152 and bring him to the 31st century, an alternate future was created where the テンプレート:Federation was never formed and Earth was almost completely destroyed. (ENT: ShockwaveShockwave, Part II)

In 2370, a new past was created for Earth by the anti-time eruption, where 3.5 billion years ago, amino acids never combined with the first proteins, and life never formed on the planet. This was how the Q Continuum fulfilled its judgment to deny Humans existence. (TNG: All Good Things...)


Nazi Territory

Nazi Territory in North America

In two alternate timelines, the history of Earth was significantly altered when Nazi Germany was not defeated in World War II. In one, Doctor McCoy saved the life of Edith Keeler in 1930. Keeler went on to form a massive pacifist movement in America, delaying the country's entry into World War II, allowing Nazi Germany time to develop the A-bomb first and take over the world. (TOS: The City on the Edge of Forever)

In another alternate timeline, Lenin was assassinated in 1916, preventing Russia from turning to communism. This allowed Hitler to concentrate his war effort on the West. With assistance from the Na'kuhl, France and England were conquered before the American East Coast by 1944. (ENT: Storm FrontStorm Front, Part II)


Earth assimilated

Borg-assimilated Earth

In an alternate timeline, the Borg were successful at preventing First Contact in 2063 and assimilated the Earth. In 2373, the assimilated Earth had an atmosphere containing high concentrations of methane, carbon monoxide and fluorine. It had a population of approximately nine billion Borg drones. (スタートレック:ファーストコンタクト)



Earth, moments before exploding

The Earth was completely destroyed in two alternate timelines. In one of the timelines, Jonathan Archer's brain was infected by interspatial parasites and Earth was destroyed by the Xindi superweapon in 2154. This timeline was erased in 2165 when the parasites were destroyed by a subspace implosion aboard Enterprise - because the organisms existed outside normal spacetime, their elimination prevented Archer from ever being infected in the first place. (ENT: Twilight)

In another alternate timeline, Earth and the entire solar system was destroyed by a massive temporal explosion in the 29th century. The explosion was caused by Henry Starling, when he used the stolen timeship Aeon to travel from the 20th century into the 29th century through an unstable temporal rift. (VOY: Future's EndFuture's End, Part II)


Narada fires a mining beam into Earth

Narada firing on Earth

In the year 2258 of the alternate reality, the Romulan mining vessel Narada fired on Earth using a drill platform. Nero was attempting to dig a hole to Earth's core and create a black hole using red matter to destroy the planet. Luckily, Spock was able to destroy the drill well before it could reach the planet's core. (スター・トレック)


USS Defiant orbiting Earth, 2155

The USSDefiant in orbit of mirror Earth

Karl Four

Karl Four on the planet Arret

In the mirror universe, Earth's counterpart was the capital of the Terran Empire. History followed a similar yet skewed course on this Earth, by comparison to the history of Earth in the United Federation of Planets, with a more violent, war-ridden past. According to Jonathan Archer, the Empire existed "for centuries" prior to 2155. As a result of the official First Contact with the Vulcans in 2063, Earth gained interstellar technology, allowing the Empire to expand. (ENT: In a Mirror, Darkly)

The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance conquered the Terran Empire sometime before 2370. (DS9: Crossover)

Professor Jennifer Sisko had an image of Earth on a uniform she wore while working for the Alliance in 2371. (DS9: Through the Looking Glass)



In the reverse negative antimatter universe, where the flow of time was reversed, Arret was Earth's counterpart. In 2270, Karla Five and her son Karl Four helped the crew of the USSEnterprise to return back to the prime universe. (TAS: The Counter-Clock Incident)







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