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"In a part of space where there are few rules, it's more important than ever that we hold fast to our own. In a region where shifting allegiances are commonplace we have to have something stable to rely on. And we do. The principles and ideals of the Federation. As far as I'm concerned, those are the best allies we could have."

 宇宙艦隊一般命令・規則(Starfleet General Orders and Regulations)は、宇宙艦隊の人員が守らなければならない様々な規則や儀礼を定めた一連のガイドラインである。




  • 第14条31項:「非常事態発生時に限りルールを曲げることを認める」という内容の記述が存在する。(ENT:優生クリンゴン


  • 第19巻433項12節:宇宙艦隊士官に対して連邦職員が直接命令を与える権限に関する規則。2267年シャトルクラフトガリレオが行方不明になった際の捜索に関して連邦の高等弁務官フェリスによって引用された。(TOS:ゴリラの惑星


  • 権利15条:高位の連邦職員は特定の条件下において宇宙艦隊艦船の指揮を直接執ることを仮定している。(TOS:ゴリラの惑星



  • 指令010:異星人との戦闘はできる限り避けよ。必ずファースト・コンタクトを取り、その時点で平和的解決を見出さなければならない。(VOY:偽造された地球
  • 指令101:殺人の容疑で告発されたどんな個人も、いかなる質問にも答える必要はない。(VOY:殺人犯スーダー
  • 戦術指令36:艦長はいかなる時にも、保安士官の護衛なしに、敵と相対してはならない。(VOY:聖域ユニマトリックス・ゼロ・前編
  • 最優先指令
  • オメガ指令
  • 時間基本指令


  • 宇宙艦隊命令2条:魅力的な知的生命体に対する宇宙艦隊の規則。(TAS:アメーバ星雲ネブラの恐怖
  • 宇宙艦隊命令104条B項1-A節:宇宙艦の艦長が不在時には、必要と判断されれば将官が艦の指揮を代行する権限を有する。(TOS:宇宙の巨大怪獣
  • 宇宙艦隊命令104条C項:臨時に指揮を執っている将官が肉体的あるいは精神的に指揮官に適していないことを証明できるなら、宇宙艦の上級士官はその指揮権を剥奪することができる。しかしながら、医療部長による医学的な診断結果や自殺行為の様な他に明らかな証拠がなければこの規定は適用できない。(ENT:トゥポルの反乱TOS:宇宙の巨大怪獣
  • 宇宙艦隊命令2005:宇宙艦やそのクルーが敵の手に渡ることを防ぐために、物質・反物質の混合抑制を解除することで艦の破壊を命じることができる。(劇場版スタートレック
  • 宇宙艦隊司令28455:指揮官を後任の者に交代するための公式な連邦命令。[8]スター・トレック
  • 特別命令66715ディープ・スペース・9の機密保全のために必要とされるどんな手段も行使できる権限を移譲するという連邦命令。[9]DS9:記憶なきスパイ


  • 規約3(12節):破滅の危機に瀕した場合、艦長はクルーを守るためいかなる正当な手段をも用いる権限がある。[10]VOY:異空生命体を呼ぶ者達・前編
  • Regulation 7 (Paragraph 4): An officer must consider himself under arrest, unless in the presence of the most senior fellow officers presently available, the officers must give satisfactory answer to those charges... (TOS: The Omega Glory)
  • Section 12, Paragraph 4: Relates to the Captain undertaking command of an away mission.


  • Regulation 17.43: In an alternate reality, this regulation relates to Starfleet's ethical code of conduct, and was part of the Starfleet Code. Starfleet Academy cadets found cheating were accused to be in violation of the regulation. (スター・トレック)
  • Regulation 42/15: "Pressure Variances in IRC Tank Storage" Part of the basic operational specifications for impulse engines, written by Montgomery Scott. The tanks could actually handle more pressure than the regulations allowed - in 2369, Geordi La Forge cited it as part of the impulse specifications while he and Scott worked to make the USSJenolan operational,, at which point Scotty, realizing that he was thinking of this regulation, assured him that, as its author, he knew the tanks could be more efficient, but that La Forge should "Forget it. I wrote it...A good engineer is always a wee bit least on paper." (TNG: Relics)
  • Regulation 46A: If transmissions are being monitored during battle, no uncoded messages on an open channel. (スタートレック2:カーンの逆襲)
  • 規約157第3項18節:宇宙艦隊士官は必要な予防措置を十分に行い、歴史的事件への関与を最小限に抑えるべし。(DS9:伝説の時空へ
  • 規約191(14条):一隻以上の艦が関わる戦闘において、指揮権はより高い階級の士官ではなく、戦略的に優位な艦にあるものとする。(VOY:異空生命体を呼ぶ者達・前編
  • Regulation 476.9: All away teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours. (VOY: Once Upon a Time)
  • Regulation 619: The commanding officer must relieve themselves of command if their current mission leaves them emotionally compromised and unable to make rational decisions. In 2258 of Nero's alternate reality, when, after the destruction of Vulcan, Spock meets a young James T. Kirk, marooned by this timeline's Spock, before returning him to the USSEnterprise, he tells Kirk to use this in order to take command of the ship, knowing that the conservative course his younger self would take would doom Earth to the same fate as Vulcan, while the unorthodox strategy Kirk would follow just might save it. (スター・トレック)


  • Regulation 2884.3: Substances unstable in an oxygen atmosphere must be handled with care. (TNG: Night Terrors)
  • Regulation 3287.0: Due to its high volatile nature, antimatter must be stored in magnetic confinement pods. (TNG: Night Terrors)
  • Reserve activation clause: A "little known" and "seldom used" clause in Starfleet regulations which allows for the recall of a retired or discharged officer in the event of an emergency. (劇場版スタートレック)
  • Starfleet Rules of Conduct had some power to influence the operation of civilian establishments on Starfleet-administered installations, such as Quark's bar on DS9. (DS9: Emissary)
  • The Starfleet uniform code governed the proper wearing of the uniform by Starfleet officers.


  • Medical Emergency on Alien Terrain: "It is recommended to keep an open com-channel at all times." (VOY: Macrocosm)
  • "Specifically forbid the transport of unknown infectious agents onto a starship without establishing containment and eradication protocols." (VOY: Macrocosm)
  • Unnumbered Protocol: Away teams must be composed of more than one crewmember. Both Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok cite this protocol to Seven of Nine when conducting an away mission. (VOY: Hunters)

Starfleet Intelligence Procedures[]

  • Luther Sloan, posing as Deputy Director of Starfleet Intelligence's Department of Internal Affairs, cited standard containment procedures to isolate the senior staff, which included being relieved of duty and confined to quarters. (DS9: Inquisition)



  • Regulation 121 (Section A): The Chief Medical Officer has the power to relieve an officer or crewman of his or her duties (including one of superior rank) if, in the CMO's professional judgment, the individual is medically unfit, compromised by an alien intelligence (TNG: Lonely Among Us), or otherwise exhibits behavior that indicates seriously impaired judgment. A Starfleet officer can face court martial for failing to submit to such a relief (VOY: Year of Hell, Part II).


  • Unnumbered protocol: A Physician must be present when administering Arithrazine. (VOY: The Omega Directive)



  • Ensign Harry Kim referred to privacy protocols being violated by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok while the latter was investigating into an attack on Ensign Tabor and read a letter that Harry's cousin, Dennis, sent from Earth. Tuvok stated that as Chief of Security, he had authority to suspend the protocols under special circumstances. (VOY: Repression)


  • Un-numbered protocol. Tuvok once claimed that use of the transporters while at warp was a direct violation of Starfleet safety protocols. He did not cite the protocol by number. (VOY: Maneuvers)



  • Protocol 28 (Subsection D): "In the event of hostile alien takeover the EMH is to deactivate and wait for rescue." (VOY: Message in a Bottle)
  • Protocol 49.09 (Regarding the treatment of prisoners on-board a starship) In an alternate reality, Spock marooned James T. Kirk on Delta Vega. Kirk believed this act to be a violation of this protocol. (スター・トレック)
  • Unnumbered protocol Luther Sloan, posing as Deputy Director of the Department of Internal Affairs, mentioned there is security protocol that prevents others to talk to prisoners under his authority without his clearance. (DS9: Inquisition)


  • Code 1: signals either a total or imminent disaster, a possible invasion, or indicates that the Federation is either currently or about to be engaged in open warfare with a hostile power. The code requires all Starfleet personnel within the affected area to immediately assume a 'war' footing or posture. It is also colloquially known as "Defense Alert", or a "Priority One Alert". (TOS: Errand of MercyThe Trouble with TribblesThe Alternative Factor)
  • Code 1-Alpha-Zero: Indicates a starship in distress. (TNG: Relics)
  • Code 7-10: a "quarantine code". No Starfleet or Federation-registered starship is to approach a system or vessel which is broadcasting Code 7-10. (TOS: A Taste of Armageddon)
  • Code 47: an ultra-secure communications protocol, for Captain's eyes only. So secure that all traces of a Code 47 transmission or communication are automatically wiped from all computer records. (TNG: Conspiracy)



  • "All research personnel on alien planets are required to have their health certified by a starship surgeon at one-year intervals." (TOS: The Man Trap)
  • "The ship's surgeon will require a full examination of any crew member that he has doubts about, including the Captain." (TOS: Turnabout Intruder)
  • "Nothing shall be beamed aboard until danger of contamination has been eliminated. Beaming down to the surface (of a planet) IS permitted, if the Captain decides the mission is vital, and reasonably free of danger". (スタートレック3:ミスター・スポックを探せ; VOY: Macrocosm)
  • "The Chief Medical Officer outranks the captain in health matters." (VOY: Persistence of Vision)
    • A captain cannot order a doctor to violate doctor-patient confidentiality, except in situations of ship security. (VOY: Fury)
  • An officer taking medical leave could select their rehabilitation facility. (DS9: It's Only a Paper Moon)
  • "All Starfleet personnel must obtain authorization from their CO as well as clearance from their medical officer before initiating an intimate relationship with an alien species." (VOY: The Disease)
  • "The transport of a patient is to be performed at the discretion of the attending physician." In an alternate 2258, Leonard McCoy citing this, was allowed to bring Cadet James T. Kirk, suspended from duty, along to his posting aboard the Enterprise, as Kirk was quite visibly suffering from the symptoms of a Melvaran mud flea bite. In truth, McCoy himself was responsible for this, infecting Kirk precisely because he would now have the authority to bring his grounded friend aboard the ship. (スター・トレック)


  • "Striking a fellow officer is a court-martial offense." (TOS: This Side of Paradise; VOY: Parallax; ENT: Bound)
  • 23rd century Starfleet captains had a high degree of authority onboard the ship they were assigned to command. In extremis, a captain could invoke their "personal authority as captain" to order their subordinates to override the orders of a senior officer, even if the captain was not actually onboard ship at the time. Such an order would almost certainly result in at least an inquiry after the crisis had passed. Captain Kirk used his "personal authority" to overrule the orders of Commodore Matthew Decker and to have Spock resume command of the Enterprise during the battle with the planet killer. (TOS: The Doomsday Machine)
  • "No killing of intelligent lifeforms." (TAS: One of Our Planets Is Missing)
  • Starfleet regulations call for declaring yellow alert when a starship is targeted by laser weapons. According to Jean-Luc Picard, such regulations were "very old". (TNG: The Outrageous Okona)
  • According to Starfleet protocol, "sir" was the proper address when responding to one's commanding officer (or possibly any superior officer) (VOY: Caretaker), but naval tradition dictates the use of "Captain", regardless of the CO's rank (DS9: Behind the Lines).
  • Starfleet rules forbade dealing with outlaws and getting involved in the politics of other cultures. (VOY: Alliances)
  • Starfleet protocols included guidelines on proper punctuation of reports, such as conn reports. (VOY: Dreadnought)
  • "Encroaching on the territory of an alien species is prohibited." (VOY: The Swarm)
  • "Ground combat personnel are to rotate off the front lines every ninety days." (DS9: The Siege of AR-558)
  • "Interference in alien conflicts is strictly prohibited." (VOY: Nightingale)
  • Procedures pertaining to official requests for asylum to a Starfleet captain included a hearing. (VOY: Death Wish)
  • Accidents aboard Starfleet vessels were to be followed by an investigation into the cause of the accident. (VOY: Day of Honor)
  • An official/formal letter, written to a senior officer, must be replied to by a senior officer. (VOY: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy)



Jean-Luc Picard quoting Starfleet Regulation 6.57 to Radue

  • Regulation 6.57: At least two staff officers to be present during any treaty or contract negotiations. (TNG: When The Bough Breaks)




  1. 一般命令1条は最優先指令として知られており、オメガ指令を除きすべての指令及び法規に優先する。
  2. This contradicts General Order 7 below, which is also said to be the only death penalty left. If relations with the Talosians have not changed, it could be this new General Order might have been made to include other planets that might be a threat to the Federation like Talos IV. It is also possible that in "Turnabout Intruder," Chekov misspoke.|In the PC game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, the USSEnterprise computer states General Order 4 is sometimes confused with General Order 7.
  3. この命令は『TOS: 細菌戦争の果て』、『TOS: 異次元空間に入ったカーク船長の危機』及び『TNG: DNA』での描写と矛盾する。
  4. これも惑星連邦における唯一の死刑が適用される規定とされる。This order must have been rescinded for General Order 4 which is also the only death penalty left on the books. As noted above, Chekov may have also misspoken in "Turnabout Intruder."|In the PC game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, the USS Enterprise computer states General Order 7, and the death penalty associated with it, more generally refers to high treason.
  5. Saavik was interrupted before completing the quotation of the order but it is implied that the ship is supposed to take a defensive posture when faced with a non-communicative ship.
  6. Note that Kirk states that 'there's no such regulation', and Saavik's response of understated amusement suggests either that her description of this general order is not accurate and intended only to help persuade Kirk to allow her on the landing party, or that the regulation exists and Kirk was knowingly trying to circumvent it.
  7. Garth may have explained the spirit of the order when he suggested he gave the order because, "I could say they were actively hostile towards the Federation".
  8. In the alternate reality, Admiral Richard Barnett told Captain James T. Kirk by this order he had to report to Admiral Christopher Pike to relieve him of command of the Enterprise.
  9. This might not actually be a real Order as it appeared only in a simulation created by Luther Sloan. Nevertheless, considering the importance of the keeping the station under Federation control during the Dominion War, may also very well be a real Order.
  10. Captain Ransom attempted to use this regulation to convince Captain Janeway that the actions he took against the nucleogenic lifeforms were justified, but Captain Janeway doubted that the regulation covered mass murder.


  • General Order 16: All Starfleet ships detecting the energy signature from one of the four Malkus Artifacts are under orders to find and confiscate the artifacts. (Star Trek: The Brave and the Bold)
  • The only recorded instances of General Order 24 actually being carried out are the first issue of the Gold Key Star Trek comic series: "The Planet of No Return", and the novel Reap the Whirlwind in the Star Trek: Vanguard series.
  • General Order 34: Starfleet captains will honor, respect, and display extreme tolerance for species-based customs and practices insofar as the safety of the vessel is not threatened by such practices. (Star Trek: New Frontier novel Being Human)
  • Regulation 121: An emotionally compromised officer is not fit to serve in the position of Captain. (Star Trek novelization)


  • UFP Regulation 342-188564.3 (Paragraph 3): A class-3 biohazard alert. All personnel not part of a Biohazard Response Team are to stay away from any site broadcasting such an alert. (Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Episode 3: "Love's Labor Jeopardized")