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 業務部門(operations division)は宇宙艦宇宙基地の各種専門業務と軍事的任務を担当する士官乗組員である。業務部門のメンバーらは艦や基地の管制業務や警備等の軍事的、警察的業務やエンジニアとして機能し、上級士官を構成する士官の一人でもある。業務部門の士官らは艦の運行管理の管制、戦術、エンジニア、通信等の専門分野を担当する。これらの細分化される業務はそれぞれ別に管理されている。24世紀にはそういった業務部門内でも細分化された組織の中で新たな管理者ポストが増設された。(新スタートレック
 業務部門に属する士官は時々、専攻する部門とは別の色の制服を着用するケースがあった。例を上げるとオペレーション部門の士官が指揮官系の役職に就く場合、司令部門の赤い制服に変更されることがある。(DS9:クリンゴンの暴挙) また、科学と操舵の二つを専攻している場合、科学部門の制服を着用するケースもある。(宇宙大作戦


 23世紀中盤から2265年までは、業務部門の部門カラーはベージュもしくはゴールドであった。(TOS:歪んだ楽園) その後、業務部門の部門カラーは赤へと変更された。(宇宙大作戦) また、2260年代でも何名かの将官司令部門の士官が赤い制服を着用していたこともあった。(TOS:宇宙軍法会議




2140年代~2160年代初期 2160年代中盤 2230年代 2240年代後期~2250年代
業務部門 業務部門 業務部門 業務部門
新時間軸2250年代~2260年代 2250年代~2260年代 2260年代中盤~2270年代初期 2270年代中盤
業務部門 業務部門 業務部門 機関部員とメンテナンス
保安部員 保安部員
2270年代後期~2350年代 2350年代~2370年代 2360年代後期~2370年代初期 2370年代
機関部員 業務部門 業務部門 業務部門


During The Original Series, red (or beige, except security who wore blue, in the pilot episodes) was regularly worn by the security, engineering, maintenance, yeomen, communications, and staff officers. Communications Officer Uhura normally wore ops red (she wore command gold in a few early episodes) as did Chief Engineer Scott and Yeoman Rand. As for the use of the so-called color beige used in the two pilots, it was most likely true gold which simply looked beige or tan under the lights (in some cases even pink) in the same way the command uniforms were actually lime green, but appeared gold. However, the coveralls were most likely actually khaki, tan or beige in keeping with the muted colors used for them within each division. In later episodes they became the standard red of the duty uniforms.

In the movie era, 劇場版スタートレック featured operations crew Uhura and Chekov wearing gray-colored bands, and engineers and maintenance in red bands. By the スタートレック2:カーンの逆襲 uniforms, Scotty wore gold, but Chekov and Uhura continued to wear gray. The schemes and insignia of the later Star Trek films-era uniforms were designed by Robert Fletcher.

The purpose of the colors was only obvious through inference, but in DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations, red was established in dialog as the "old" style ops color (and gold as the "new" ops color). The decision to switch the meaning of the colors between the TOS and TNG uniform styles was made in pre-production of TNG: Encounter at Farpoint.

Most often, in the Federation Starfleet, all captains and admirals wore command division colors; however, there were exceptions which prove that this was not a requirement. In TOS, two commodores, Stone and Stocker, wore red operations division uniforms and Captain Krasnovsky wore sciences division blue. In the movie era, Scotty switched back and forth from command white to engineering gold after receiving his captain's bars. In TNG-era productions, DS9: The Die is Cast had an admiral named Toddman wearing operations division gold, despite every other Starfleet captain and admiral ever seen in this era wearing command colors.


Engineering officers in the 2250s

In the comic series Crew, engineering officers are depicted as wearing a red uniform, with a red collar, alongside the beige uniforms as depicted in "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before". In particular, these uniforms are depicted as only being worn in engineering, rather than elsewhere on the Enterprise, suggesting that since the engineering section of the Enterprise was never depicted during this era of TOS, such uniforms could have actually existed side-by-side with the beige operations uniforms, thereby continuing the red division color established in Star Trek: Enterprise.


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