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テンプレート名 説明
艦名テンプレート(現在未使用) 艦名の表示画一化テンプレート(現在未使用)
{{'}} For use when needing to add an apostrophe after formatting information.
{{ASIN}} Links to an book or media page.
{{audio}} 音声及び音楽ファイルとのリンク用
{{born}} Links to a birth date and shows the age of a person.
{{Bsgwiki}} Links to the Battlestar Wiki.
{{CCG name}} Lists the name given by the CCG for a character, ship, etc.
{{d}} or {{datelink}} 製作日時表示用の日付テンプレート
{{disambiguate}}, {{disambiguate1}} and {{disambiguation link}} Links to a disambiguation version of the same page. See also {{mirror disambiguation}}
{{e}} or {{EpLink}} Formats an episode title properly. See also {{TOS}}, {{TAS}}, {{TNG}}, {{DS9}}, {{VOY}}, and {{ENT}}.
{{EUwiki}} and {{EUwiki-title}} Links to the Expanded Universe wiki.
{{exastris}} Links to Ex Astris Scientia.
{{exp}} Creates a properly-formatted exponent (i.e. e5×105).
{{film}} 映画タイトル表示用テンプレート
{{IBDb-link}} Links to the Internet Broadway Database.
{{IMDb-link}} and {{IMDb-name}} Links to the Internet Movie Database.
{{ISBNdb}} Link to the ISBN database.
{{ISDb}} Links to the Internet Stellar Database.
{{incite}} Request a citation for a note in an article.
{{m}} or {{monthlink}} Links to a production related month and year.
{{mbeta}}, {{NCwiki}} and {{NCwiki-title}} Links to Memory Beta, the Non-Canon Star Trek wiki.
{{NNDb-link}} Links to the Notable Names Database.
{{NonCanonValid}} Shows that an item comes from a valid, but non-canon resource.
{{non canon character page}} Acts as the header for lists of non-canon character pages.
{{non canon characters}} Links to non-canon character pages.
{{NowCasting}} Links to
{{nth}} Adds the th, st, nd, rd suffix to item called.
{{patent}} Links to the US Patent database.
{{review}} Brief, inline, copyright notice.
{{ShipClass}} and {{ShipType}} Links to a starship class (or type) with proper formatting.
{{triviatribute}} Links to
{{unsigned}} and {{unsigned-anon}} For signing unsigned comments on talk pages.
{{w}}, {{wikipedia}} and {{wikipedia-title}} Links to Wikipedia.
{{wikia}} Link to another Wikia wiki.
{{wikiquote}} Links to WikiQuote.
{{wixiban}} Links to Wixiban's Collectibles Information Portal.