Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2018)2018年版の Star Trek: Ships of the Line シリーズカレンダーである。

概要 編集


  • 表紙 ("We Are the Borg") – by Alain Rivard
  • 1月 - "These are the Voyages"
  • 2月 ("Parallels") – by Gabriel Koerner - Multiple incarnations of the USS Enterprise-D begin appearing in one quantum reality.
  • 3月 ("The Send Off") – by John Eaves
  • 4月 ("Angel's Gate") – by Bill Krause
  • 5月 ("Better Days") – by Alain Rivard - The USS Reliant undergoing repairs in drydock, with the USS Enterprise nearby.
  • 6月 ("We Want It Brought Down") – by deg - The USS Enterprise is intercepted by an F-104 Starfighter.
  • Technifold "Development Project: NX-74998" – by D.M. Phoenix
  • 7月 ("Follow Me") – by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries - The USS Rio Grande departs the new Deep Space 9, followed by the USS Defiant.
  • 8月 ("Sunset at Veridian") – by Michael Wiley - Salvage work commences on the remains of the USS Enterprise-D following the ship's crash landing on Veridian III.
  • 9月 ("What Are You?") – by Shrox
  • 10月 ("A Dish Best Served Cold") – by Matt Boardman - The USS Indianapolis, accompanied by one of its shuttlecraft, approaches a Federation station with two K'Tinga-class vessels nearby.
  • 11月 ("Vulcan Diplomatic Escort") – by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries
  • 12月 ("Stellar Survey") – by Dan Uyeno
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