USSエクスカリバー(USS Excalibur NCC-26517)は、惑星連邦宇宙艦隊が保有するアンバサダー級重巡洋艦である。24世紀中盤に運用されていた。







The Excalibur was first mentioned in the Starship Deploy Status chart seen on Starbase 173. It was listed with the registry NCC-21534.

The Excalibur was a reuse of the USSEnterprise-C studio model with the modifications introduced on the USSZhukov. [1] New footage of the Excalibur was briefly seen as the fleet departed for the Klingon border, however, some stock footage from TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise was also reused.

As the Excalibur mentioned in "Survival Instinct" had to be in service prior to 2368 and Riker's ship from "Redemption II" probably wasn't a new ship, it can be surmised that they were both the same vessel and the Excalibur somehow escaped the Borg without being destroyed. It was not made clear whether or not the Excaliburテンプレート:'s encounter took place during the 2366-67 invasion, but it could explain why the starship would need a refit long enough to warrant reassigning its crew.

The short scene on the Excalibur bridge was filmed on Tuesday 9年July月1991日 on Paramount Stage 8.


The Excalibur became the star of Peter David's Star Trek: New Frontier novel series and was later destroyed and replaced with a new Galaxy級 starship Excalibur. Captain Morgen, a former crewmate of Captain Picard's from his days on the USSStargazer, was mentioned as having commanded the Excalibur for many years in Michael Jan Friedman's book Reunion. It was then commanded by Captain Morgan Korsmo just before the start of the New Frontier series. Korsmo was killed fighting the Borg, and was an old Academy classmate of Picard.


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