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 USSエンデバー(USS Endeavour NCC-71805)は、惑星連邦宇宙艦隊24世紀に保有していたネビュラ級宇宙艦である。

 同艦はアマゾフ大佐指揮下にあった2367年ボーグによる第一次太陽系侵攻に際し、J・P・ハンソン中将指揮下のハンソン艦隊に編入され、ウォルフ359の戦いに参加した40隻の中で唯一生還した。この出来事に関して後にアマゾフ大佐は「思うにボーグは、今まで遭遇した種族の中で最も純粋な悪に近い。」と述べている。(TNG:浮遊機械都市ボーグ・後編TNG: 疑惑VOY:生命体8472・前編






According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 135), the Endeavour was a Nebula級 starship.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 604) further states that it is likely the engagement referred to in "Scorpion" was the Battle of Wolf 359, and that the Endeavour was the sole ship to survive the assault intact. However, there is no direct canonical evidence for this, aside from the fact that Janeway had to have been referring to an encounter that took place before Voyager was transported to the Delta Quadrant, and that one of the forty ships did survive the assault on the cube.

Additionally, the Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 136) states that "the starship Endeavour was named in honor of British explorer James Cook's flagship and for NASA's shuttle Endeavour."

Eaves' only "Endever" [sic.] preliminary design sketch

In a preliminary draft for スタートレック:ファーストコンタクト, dated 29 September, 1995, an Endeavor was explicitly named as one of the starships engaged in the Battle of Sector 001 in scenes 10, "PICARD: Signal the Endeavor to fall back. We'll cover them.", and 11, "The Endeavor moves off as the Borg FIRE at the Enterprise and BLASTS the saucer section.". These references did not make it into the final cut, though designer John Eaves has worked on 6 September on a preliminary design for the ship, albeit of an entirely different configuration, with Nebula級 and Miranda級 traits. As he recalled, "In the early script there had been a ship called the Endeavour that used to play quite a big role. I was drawing that and the E at the same time. They were kind of similar shapes, so it was almost a way of trying things out. I thought, 'If I want to see this on the E, let me try it on the Endeavour sketches first.' I'd mess around with the body, tapering it to the nacelles in one sweepy part, things like that. It was definitely an idea platform for me. So, at this point I just put Enterprise on all the Endeavour sketches, because by that time Endeavour was gone and nobody had ever seen them!" (テンプレート:STTM, pp. 48-49)