USSプロメテウス(USS Prometheus NCC-71201)は、惑星連邦宇宙艦隊が保有するネビュラ級宇宙艦であり、24世紀に運用されていた。


 2370年、プロメテウスはギデオン・セイエティク教授イプシロン119恒星再生プロジェクトの支援に割り当てられ、その前後にディープ・スペース・9に入港した。(DS9: 愛の幻影

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The writers of the episode intended the Prometheus to be a much smaller vessel, since the ship was described in the script as being "not in any way noteworthy or obtrusive". Also, it was said later to only have a small crew – a Nebula級 starship has almost the same amount of deck space as a Galaxy級 vessel, and thus has room aboard for several hundred people.

The vessel must have been withdrawn from service, renamed or destroyed prior to 2374 to make way for the commissioning of the Prometheus級 prototype of the same name. Two shots originally used for the USS Prometheus docked at Deep Space 9 were later reused in "Second Sight" to represent other vessels. Both the USSLexington (DS9: Explorers) and the USST'Kumbra (DS9: Take Me Out to the Holosuite) were represented using shots showing the ship below the station's equatorial axis, as well as an unnamed transport. (DS9: Doctor Bashir, I Presume)

The ship was named after Prometheus, a character in Greek mythology. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 387)

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The Prometheus was one of the four Nebula-class starships featured in the video game Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Oddly enough, the game was set in 2378, at least five years after the launch of the Prometheus-class USS Prometheus. This seems to indicate that both Prometheuses were still in service with the same name, according to the game.

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