USSボンチューン(USS Bonchune NCC-70915)は24世紀後半に宇宙艦隊で就役していたネビュラ級宇宙艦である。




Named for Foundation Imaging visual effects supervisor Rob Bonchune, with the registry being his birthday (9/15/1970). The ship was not identified in dialogue and its on screen appearance was the first time a computer generated effect was used of the ship class (rather than a physical model). Its presence in "Message in a Bottle" was confirmed by Rob Bonchune, who built the CGI model, and one of the Nebula-class ships seen in "Endgame" carried its registry. As Bonchune tells it, its appearance in "Message in a Bottle" was "kind of" a mistake. The ship was definitely used, but it was interchangeably used with the USSHonshu in the episode. It may have thus been the original intent that the Honshu be the only ship seen, but as the Bonchune can be identified on-screen and does not conflict with any other element of the episode it was considered to be a canon ship for Memory Alpha purposes. Close-ups of a later rendering of the Bonchune were published in several works such as the 2001年 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar and the Ships of the Line where the ship was identified as the USS Ranger.