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 USSモニター(USS Monitor NCC-61826)は惑星連邦宇宙艦隊が保有するネビュラ級宇宙艦であり、24世紀中期に運用されていた。








According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual, there was a Constitution級 USS Monitor in service in the 23rd century with the registry NCC-1713.

In William Shatner's book The Return, the USS Monitor was a modified Defiant級 vessel with an all black hull coating that was specially built by Starfleet Intelligence, and was temporarily renamed Enterprise while mounting a direct offensive against the Borg/Romulan alliance at the Borg homeworld. In a later novel of the series, the ship is stranded outside the galaxy and destroyed by the same entity that destroyed the robot ships launched in Kirk's era to the Kelvans' homeworld in the Andromeda Galaxy. The video game Star Trek: Legacy also portrayed the Monitor as a Defiant-class vessel.

In the video game Star Trek: Away Team, the USS Monitor was a Galaxy級 explorer that was being assimilated by the Borg during one of the missions. The video game Star Trek: The Next Generation also featured the USS Monitor as a Galaxy-class starship.

In the video game Star Trek: Generations, if the USS Enterprise-D is destroyed in battle, Starfleet Command sends the USS Monitor to investigate the disappearance of the ship following an emergency distress call sent out by Data. Furthermore, if the player fails to stop Soran from destroying a sun, besides the Veridian-star, Starfleet Command relieves the Enterprise-D of it's mission and sends the Monitor to continue investigating Dr. Soran.