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Op Memory Alpha is Ten Forward een pagina waar de leden kunnen vergaderen over het beleid en problemen met het runnen van de wiki. het is niet een plaats voor "off-topic" overleg of overleg over andere dingen dan Memory Alpha.

Ten Forward

De volgende vragen horen niet thuis op Ten Forward:

  • Vragen van nieuwkomers Neem de tijd om de introductie en help pagina's te lezen voor hier een vraag te stellen.
  • Feiten en canon vragen Vragen over specifieke feiten in het Star Trek universum kunnen gepost worden op de relevante Overlegpagina of het Reference Desk (Engels).
  • Bug Meldingen kunnen gemeld worden aan een van de administrators.
  • Discussies over specifieke artikelen kunnen gevoerd worden Overleg Pagina.

Na een langere tijd worden afgelopen discussies zonder lange-termijn waarde verwijderd van deze pagina. Een vraag die van toekomstige waarde kan zijn komt op bijvoorbeeld de FAQ pagina, of anders in het Ten Forward archief.

Vergeet a.u.b. niet je commentaar te ondertekenen met naam en datum door vier golfjes ("~~~~") toe te voegen.

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Switching to the new parser[]


We are currently making preparations for the next wiki software upgrade. While we expect this to have little or no effect on most wikis, it may cause some pages on this wiki to render poorly. To help reduce or eliminate these issues, please see the Central Forums for more details. I'm sorry to have to write in English.

Thanks - sannse (talk) 11 feb 2009 14:33 (UTC)

Thanks for letting us know :) --Patricia 11 feb 2009 18:31 (UTC)

Question from German MA[]

Sorry that I write (bad) English, but I don't speak Dutch
Hi, I noticed that some of you added interwiki-links in the German MA in the last few days. Thanks for this. But I also noticed, that at every edit that added the nl-link also the German "Kategorie" was changed into the English "Category". Now I wonder whether this change was made on purpose by you or whether it was done automatically (by the wikia system?), and in both cases, why was it changed? Thanks, --Bravomike 7 mrt 2009 20:42 (UTC)

Hallo Bravomike, the problem you're referring to seems to be Wikia related. The German version MA seems to have a new feature that allows you to add categories to a page by simply clicking on the tab below the article. The tabs are in English though so I'm guessing that they change the "Kategorie" automatically. I've taken some screencaps to show you what I mean. I hope this helps. --Patricia 8 mrt 2009 09:03 (UTC)
Thanks for your answer, so it is no problem with the Dutch MA but with the German MA. We also started discussing it here. Thanks for adding the interwiki-links anyway.--Bravomike 8 mrt 2009 11:12 (UTC)

You're right. This problem is caused by the CategorySelect Extension where testing right now inside all German Wikis. The tabs are shown in English to you, because there is no Dutch translation yet. The original idea was to leave all category entries untouched and add new categories with the localized category name defined by the default language of the wiki. There was a bug so categories are added as "Category:..." right now. It'll be fixed shortly. --Avatar 9 mrt 2009 09:40 (UTC)

Thanks for explaining. I hope you're able to fix the bug soon. Good luck. --Patricia 9 mrt 2009 12:14 (UTC)
Problem should be fixed. --Avatar 9 mrt 2009 13:37 (UTC)

Moving the language codes[]


As you know, Memory Alpha has a different URL structure than other wikis. Instead of the language code being in the first part of the URL (and not used on most English language wikis) it's added after the .org.

This has required technical exceptions for some time which are getting harder to manage. To improve the stability of Memory Alpha during site updates, we need to drop the en from the English Memory Alpha and move the other language prefixes to the beginning of the URL.

For instance:

We may need to tidy some URLs in css and other cases, but all previous URLs will now redirect to the new version. We hope to make this change some time next week.

Thanks all, and sorry for having to write here in English. -- sannse (talk) apr 15, 2010 22:33 (UTC)