Darth Stefan

ook bekend als Stefan

  • Ik woon in The Netherlands
  • Mijn beroep is Student
  • Ik ben Male


Your forum...

...looks a little strange?! Hi Darth Stefan, I was trying to put a public question on your forum, but I wasn't able to create a new thread. Further I couldn't even find any topic for the links given in Forum:Index all seem to be broken. It would be great if you could help me, thank you very much! --Plasmarelais Ξ TALK Ξ Ξ 22 mei 2009 13:19 (UTC)

Oh, now I see... Sorry, your forum is obviously completly alright. I was too blind to see, that it is seperated in five categories :-) Please excuse me bringing you in trouble about fixing a problem never existed... --Plasmarelais Ξ TALK Ξ Ξ 23 mei 2009 12:59 (UTC)


Dankej, hij is wel mooi! Veel mooier dan op andere site's :D

--Sumbio 24 mei 2009 12:14 (UTC)

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