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If you want the translation of these few sentences:

I registered here at Memory Alpha-Nederland so everytime I set a link to the German article my IP doesn't show up.

Most of my Contributions should have (+de) in the summarise field ;) If you want to contact me, you better do so in either my German or English Talk page, because I doubt I would notice it here...


Ik sta hier bij Memory Alpha Nederlands geregistreerd, zodat niet elke keer dat ik een Duitse link tobreng enkel mijn IP adres te zien is.

De meeste samenvattingen van mijn werk hier zullen waarschijnlijk (+de) zijn ;) Als je me wilt bereiken, kun je dat maar beter bij mijn Duitse of Engelse overlegpagina doen, want ik betwijfel of het me hier zou opvallen...

Do with it what you want. -- Redge 25 jul 2004 14:50 (CEST)

I think I will include it! Thank you -- Kobi 25 jul 2004 15:35 (CEST)


I've deleted a lot of articles because they were pretty bad. Since no one who made them has ever come back to fix them I've decided to delete them. There were a lot of errors in them and I simply don't want to start fixing articles that were created in July 2004. I rather expand the database with articles that I believe are up to MA standards. I have worked on the wiki for a while now and started to care a lot about quality. The articles that I deleted just don't belong on this wiki. I hope you understand.

I understand that there aren't a lot of articles yet and that we don't have a lot of members. But I hope this will change soon. I've written to the Dutch Star Trek fanclub ( and made an arrangement with them. They have placed an article about MA on their site. It isn't much yet but it's a start!

Glad to see that you still care about us! :)


Patricia 25 dec 2005 11:54 (UTC)