Memory Alpha
Name: Jan H. Kobarg
ST Page: Andorian's Office
Admin at: SpaceStation K7
Birthdate: 1983-02-20
Location: Bremen, Germany
Occupation: Student
Here: My talk page
Email: My email
ICQ: 138911745
AIM: jhkobarg

Moin, Moin.

My name is Jan H. Kobarg, I'm 22, live in Bremen, Germany and most people around simply call me Kobi, while I'm also known as Intelligence at the TrekBBS or as Andorian at Spacestation K7.

Mainly I work at the German edition of Memory Alpha where I did set up the basic files and was was made one of the Administrators in October 2004.

In March 2005 I volunteered to have a look at the benefits of a Bot in Memory Alpha. So I became the controller of Morn. See the Bot's userpage to see a list of changes made by the two of us. Report any encountered problems to my (english) talk page however.

As mentioned above I mainly work in the German section where I have edited more than 3000 pages. Compared with that contributions here are rather thin and mostly limited to "+de"-edits.

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