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Week of 1 January 
TNG: "The Defector" airs.
Week of 8 January 
TNG: "The Hunted" airs.
Week of 29 January 
TNG: "The High Ground" airs.


Week of 5 February 
TNG: "Deja Q" airs.
Week of 12 February 
TNG: "A Matter of Perspective" airs.
Week of 19 February 
TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise" airs. Denise Crosby makes her first guest appearance on TNG since her departure in 1988


Week of 12 March 
TNG: "The Offspring" airs.
Week of 19 March 
TNG: "Sins of the Father" airs.
Week of 26 March 
TNG: "Allegiance" airs.


Week of 2 April 
TNG: "Captain's Holiday" airs.
Week of 23 April 
TNG: "Tin Man" airs.
Week of 30 April 
TNG: "Hollow Pursuits" airs, the first to feature Dwight Schultz as TNG and later VOY recurring character Reginald Barclay.


Week of 7 May 
TNG: "The Most Toys" airs.
Week of 14 May 
TNG: "Sarek" airs. Mark Lenard guests as Ambassador Sarek, the first major crossover appearance of an original series character.
Week of 28 May 
TNG: "Menage a Troi" airs.


Week of 4 June 
TNG: "Transfigurations" airs.
Week of 2 May 
TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds" airs and is the first cliffhanger of the series. Jean-Luc Picard is assimilated by the Borg and becomes Locutus of Borg, fueling rumors that Patrick Stewart may be leaving the series.


Production begins on TNG Season 4.


Week of 24 September 
Star Trek: The Next Generation enters its fourth season, resolving the Borg story with "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II." Picard is rescued and Stewart remains a member of the TNG cast.


Week of 1 October 
TNG: "Family" airs.
Week of 8 October 
TNG: "Brothers" airs.
Week of 15 October 
TNG: "Suddenly Human" airs.
Week of 22 October 
TNG: "Remember Me" airs.
Week of 29 October 
TNG: "Legacy" airs.


Week of 5 November 
TNG: "Reunion" airs.
Week of 12 November 
TNG: "Future Imperfect" airs.
Week of 19 November 
Wil Wheaton's final episode as a regular TNG castmember, "Final Mission," airs.


Week of 31 December 
TNG: "The Loss" airs. TNG continues into 1991.

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