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For information about 2012 in the fictional Star Trek universe, please see 2012.
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Media gallery

Star Trek Ongoing issue 5 cover A.jpg
The Rings of Time cover.jpg
TNG - The Next Level cover.jpg
Star Trek VI expanded soundtrack cover.jpg
That Which Divides cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 6 cover A.jpg
Star Trek Destiny omnibus cover.jpg
Star Trek, Vol 1 tpb cover.jpg
Storming Heaven cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 7 cover A.jpg
Star Trek First Contact expanded soundtrack cover.jpg
A Brief Guide to Star Trek cover.jpg
Forgotten History cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 8 cover A.jpg
Plagues of Night cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 9 cover A.jpg
Star Trek TMP expanded soundtrack cover.jpg
Star Trek FAQ cover.jpg
The Assassination Game cover.jpg
Raise the Dawn cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 10 cover A.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 11 cover A.jpg
TNG Season 1 Blu-ray cover.jpg
Star Trek, Vol 2 tpb cover.jpg
Fallen Gods cover.jpg
Ships of the Line 2013 cover.jpg
Star Trek Calendar 2013 cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 12 cover A.jpg
The Eternal Tide cover.jpg
Star Trek Captain's Log Calendar 2013.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 13 cover A.jpg
Hive issue 1 cover A.jpg
Brinkmanship cover.jpg
Star Trek Daily 2013.jpg
Star Trek The Next Generation 365 cover.jpg
In Tempest's Wake cover.jpg
Star Trek Generations expanded soundtrack cover.jpg
The Persistence of Memory cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 14 cover A.jpg
Klingon Bird of Prey Manual cover.jpg
Hive issue 2 cover A.jpg
Star Trek The Complete Unauthorized History cover.jpg
Star Trek Ongoing issue 15 cover A.jpg
Star Trek, Vol 3 tpb cover.jpg
Silent Weapons cover.jpg
TNG Season 2 Blu-ray cover.jpg
Star Trek Federation - The First 150 Years cover.jpg
TOS Soundtrack Collection box.jpg
Hive issue 3 cover A.jpg
Star Trek Newspaper Strip Vol 1 cover.jpg
Star Trek TNG Omnibus cover.jpg
The Body Electric cover.jpg

2011 Production timeline
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