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Enterprise NX-01

The episodes "Silent Enemy" and "Cold Front" are placed in reverse airing order in this timeline. The reason for this is because "Silent Enemy" is explicitly said to occur on September 1, whereas "Cold Front" is said to happen four months, four weeks, and six days since Enterprise left Earth. As the Rigel X events ended sixteen hours before the April 16th log entry in "Broken Bow", and this occurred three days into the mission by "Marauders", launch was therefore April 12 or 13, which puts "Cold Front" on either September 8 or 9.


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It is not: "North Star" will later reveal inter-species reproduction has taken place with Skagarans, and the half-Vulcan son of a version of Tucker himself is already operating in the Delphic Expanse as will be revealed in "".

Placing the events of "Unexpected" in May is backed by T'Pol's comment that less than a month ago, Captain Archer stood in front of the Klingon High Council Chamber in "Broken Bow".


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