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USS Enterprise (alternate reality), profile

The USS Enterprise of the alternate reality was launched this year

  • The USS Enterprise and seven other Federation starships, including the USS Farragut, launch from Starbase 1 under the command of Captain Christopher Pike in response to a distress call from Vulcan. The Enterprise hasn't even been christened yet but is used due to the emergency.
  • The Enterprise arrives only to find a debris field of the fleet, and the Narada hovering over Vulcan with a drilling platform in the lower atmosphere attempting to mine to the core. Nero orders the destruction of the Enterprise, only to realize what vessel he is firing on.
USS Enterprise departs Starbase 1, 2258

The Enterprise departs Starbase 1

Vulcan consumed by black hole

The destruction of Vulcan

USS Enterprise and Narada face off over Vulcan

The Narada and USS Enterprise face off above Vulcan on stardate 2258.42

  • Spock becomes emotionally scarred and orders a course for the Laurentian system to rendezvous with the rest of Starfleet in an effort to balance the odds against the next confrontation against Nero. Kirk objects and is marooned on Delta Vega. He gets chased by vicious animals and finds his rescuer is Spock himself, but 129 years older. Spock explains the situation to Kirk via a mind meld and they head for the Starfleet outpost fourteen kilometers away.
  • They meet Montgomery Scott and Keenser at the Delta Vega outpost, and using his transwarp beaming equation, Spock transports Kirk and Scott to the Enterprise. After a fight, Kirk assumes command after Spock gives up command and Kirk orders the pursuit of Nero. Meanwhile, Nero and the Narada head for Earth intent on destroying the planet. Chekov devises a plan to hide the Enterprise near Saturn to avoid the Narada's detection and rescue Captain Pike.
  • Kirk and Spock board the Narada to confront Nero and stop him. Spock steals the Jellyfish and Kirk fights with several guards, Ayel and eventually Nero. The Jellyfish destroys the drilling platform and escapes the area, to draw the battle away from Earth and sets a collision course for the Narada. He and Kirk along with Pike are transported away at the last second by the Enterprise, but the Jellyfish crashes into the Narada thereby igniting the red matter and causing a massive black hole, which consumes the Narada, and very nearly the Enterprise as well. This beam-out marks the first time Scott ever beams three people from two targets onto one pad.

Spock and Spock discuss their futures





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According to "Coming of Age", there was an age requirement of 16 years for cadets. Assuming that Gary Mitchell was born in 2242, this year would be the earliest that he could have entered the Academy.

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