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The date is approximate, given that Leonard McCoy's statement indicated that the event was "about 10 years ago" in relation to the current year of reference, 2269.

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USS Vengeance going down

On stardate 2259.55, the USS Vengeance falls toward San Francisco

  • Both damaged ships begin falling to Earth. Kirk enters the radiation-flooded warp core, and is able to repair it, narrowly saving the Enterprise, but at the cost of his life. Khan deliberately pilots the Vengeance towards San Francisco, crashing it in the city center. Khan survives, and flees through San Francisco. However, he is apprehended by Spock and Uhura. Due to Khan's regenerative blood cells, a blood transfusion is conducted from Khan to Kirk. (Star Trek Into Darkness)
  • Two weeks later, Kirk is fully revived. Khan is placed back in his old cryotube once more. (Star Trek Into Darkness)
The video game Star Trek is set around stardate 2259.33.

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2258 23rd century
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