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The 22nd century, defined in the calendar of Earth as the period from 2101 to 2200, was a period of significant change, first for Earth, and then other species as well. In the early part of the century, Earth made the first steps toward a planetary government and prosperous society. The mid-century was a particularly eventful time, with the launch of Earth's first starship capable of warp 5 and man's first forays into deep space, the Xindi attack on Earth, and the Earth-Romulan War. Contacts and alliances made in the 2150s paved the way for the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. (Star Trek: Enterprise)



Major events

The Martian colonies are established. (VOY: "Lifesigns", "The 37's")
Eight women are knifed to death in the Martian colonies by the entity later known as Redjac. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")
By this year, war, poverty, disease, and hunger have been virtually eliminated on Earth. (Star Trek: First Contact; ENT: "Broken Bow")
SS Mariposa, a DY-500-class ship, is launched from Earth on a mission of colonization to the Ficus sector on 27 November. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")
Humans break the warp 2 barrier as part of the Warp Five and NX Programs. (ENT: "First Flight")
Earth becomes fully unified when all nation-states join the World Government, completing a process initiated earlier in the century by the European Hegemony. (TNG: "Attached", "Up The Long Ladder")
As a result of its successful Warp Five program, Earth launches Enterprise NX-01, leading to numerous decisive first contacts over the coming years. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Lasting almost one year, the Xindi crisis begins with an attack on Earth costing the lives of seven million people. (ENT: "The Expanse", "Zero Hour", "Home")
On Vulcan, the Romulan-influenced government is overthrown by the Syrrannites. Vulcan, together with forces from Earth, Andoria, and Tellar, jointly resolves the Babel Crisis shortly after. (ENT: "Kir'Shara", "United")
Human, Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, and other representatives hold a conference on forming a Coalition of Planets. (ENT: "Demons", "Terra Prime")
After jointly winning a war against the Romulans lasting from 2156 to 2160, Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, and Tellar found the United Federation of Planets in San Francisco. (ENT: "Zero Hour", "These Are the Voyages..."; TNG: "The Outcast")
The USS Franklin vanishes while on a mission in the Gagarin Radiation Belt. (Star Trek Beyond)
The USS Essex is lost after visiting a moon of Mab-Bu VI. (TNG: "Power Play")
Jonathan Archer begins an eight-year tenure as President of the United Federation of Planets. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

Mirror universe

January 2155
Jonathan Archer, and then Hoshi Sato, launch a coup against the Terran Empire on board the USS Defiant. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

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