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According to the Star Trek Chronology, this year comprises the stardate range of 37000 to 37999. Information from TNG: "The Neutral Zone" appears to place this year in the 40000s range.

In either this year or 2358, Lieutenant Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, according to dialogue from TNG: "Datalore".

Velara Base dates are taken from a display showing the projected progress of the terraforming. TNG: "Home Soil" occurred during the fourth year (2364).

In the script for DS9: "Emissary", Jake Sisko's birth occurs in this year. This note was contradicted by on-screen evidence shown in "The Abandoned" and "Rapture" placing his birth in 2355.

According to the script for "Family" and the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 361), René Picard is born in this year.

2359 24th century
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