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The 2370s decade covers the period from 2370-2379.

In this decade, the United Federation of Planets continued their exploration of the Gamma Quadrant by way of the Bajoran wormhole, discovered in 2369. By the end of 2370, the powers of the Alpha Quadrant had been forced into a cold war with the Dominion, a major political entity in the Gamma Quadrant, that continued until 2373. This cold war degenerated into open hostilities by the end of that year, and continued until 2375. The war turned out to be one of the bloodiest interstellar conflicts in galactic history, leaving the Klingon Empire set back by nearly a decade and over eight hundred million Cardassian civilians slaughtered at the hands of their former Dominion allies during the final battle of the conflict. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Hostilities with the Borg Collective were also a major concern throughout the decade. A second attempt to assimilate Earth in 2373 left Starfleet forces stretched thin for months, a fact that was a source of concern prior to the Dominion's invasion of the Alpha Quadrant later that year. (Star Trek: First Contact; DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow")

Additionally, the Federation inadvertently began its first exploration of the Delta Quadrant in 2371, when the USS Voyager was transported there by an entity called the Caretaker. In addition to collecting a multitude of data on the region that would keep Federation scientists occupied for decades, Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew made more first contacts with alien species since the era of James T. Kirk and the original USS Enterprise. On the final leg of their journey, the Voyager crew managed to deal near-catastrophic damage to the Borg; however, it remains unknown if the Borg were able to recover. (Star Trek: Voyager)




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This decade covers a vast majority of the Star Trek canon, as the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the latter six seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the entire run of Star Trek: Voyager, the four Next Generation movies, and the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "These Are the Voyages..." all take place in the 2370s.

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