The 247th element was a naturally-occurring, stable, transuranic element discovered in 2371 by the crew of the USS Voyager. It was initially detected in the rings of a class D planet in the Delta Quadrant. It was so described because it was the 247th element discovered by the Federation.

Properties Edit

Harry Kim noted that it had an unusually high atomic mass, being possessed of "over 550 nucleons". Citing its natural occurrence and stability, Kathryn Janeway emphatically called it "a first". B'Elanna Torres and her captain theorized that, if it could be mined, it could be used to fit probes with casings that would allow them to travel into the heart of a sun, or to create ultra-thin reactor casings.

The element was formed as a by-product of the decomposition of Vhnori bodies. Citing deep respect for the Vhnori deceased, Chakotay influenced Janeway to avoid using even simple tricorder scans to gather detailed on-site data about it. (VOY: "Emanations")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 83, this element was discovered in the star system FGC-488237 on stardate 48623.
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